We Don't Need A Metal Gear Movie, We Already Have A Real Snake

When the Metal Gear movie is done - if it's ever done - it will be 17 hours long, 16 of which will be people talking about something you don't quite understand. What a drag. So let's watch this much shorter Metal Gear movie, made by one of the world's best cosplayers, instead.

The man in the suit is Dutchman Rick Boer, a man we've featured here before for his mind-blowing cosplay. The lady behind the camera, meanwhile, is Cynthia Veekens.

OK, so there's not much story going on here, or action for that matter... but the point here is the awesome costume (and arm wound makeup!), not the screenwriting.

Metal Gear Solid - Thanks... [YouTube]


    Let's all just agree Escape From New York is the Metal Gear Solid movie.

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