A Game About Hunting Monsters, And It's Not Made In Japan

A Game About Hunting Monsters, And It's Not Made In Japan

On paper, Monster Hunter should be one of the biggest games on Earth. It's about nothing but fighting giant monsters, then gutting them for loot. For whatever reason, though, Monster Hunter is only really big in Japan, leaving others free to steal its thunder elsewhere.

Enter Canadian studio Tetrahedral Interactive, who are working on Canto, which looks a lot like Monster Hunter, only it's for the PC (well, MH is on PC too... sort of...). It's got four player co-op, and we can expect it... sometime... in the future.

Tetrahedral Games [Site, via RPS]


    The name Canto reminds me of the abbreviation for "cantonese"

    Monster Hunter is only popular in Japan because it plays like garbage.

    But you know, in the interests of political correctness, let's say that it has a "unique" gameplay style that mainly only Japanese people like.

      I put 200+ hours into MH3U and I'm disturbingly white.


        Well, I played MH Tri on the Wii (more or less the same game) and maybe not for THAT many hours, but it was a lot.

        It doesn't play like garbage, you actually need to use that thing between your ears to figure out how to beat the monsters and use the weapons you have, instead of just randomly mashing buttons hoping something will happen.

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        Yes, because there are never exceptions to the rule.

        Then, there's no accounting for taste. If you like clunky boring games then more power to you.

          Awww, did someone get their arse kicked by a Great Jaggi? QQ
          Just because you sucked at a game doesn't mean it's bad or their is anything wrong with it.
          I suppose you think Dark Souls is boring and clunky as well.

            Interesting logic. So then NO games must be "bad games" then, people must just be bad at them?

            Yeah, Dark Souls IS clunky and imprecise. So is Grand Theft Auto 3 through 5. I just call it as I see it. I was happy to accept that sort of gameplay back in the PS2 days, but once I saw 4 play like the PS2 games, I swore never to buy another GTA game until it was fixed. Safe to say I havent' bought 5.

            There's nothing wrong with liking stuff that isn't great. It's just good to be objective enough to admit the flaws in soemthing you may like. In the same way I'm aware Halo's slower pace and 30fps gameplay would be an "issue" for most FPS pursists. Doesn't stop ME from liking it, but I'm objective enough to be aware how that would be an issue.

            There's literally no reason Monster Hunter couldn't have tighter controls and better combat and still have the same experience. But you know, the Japanese devs do stuff "just cos". Much like the way Lost Planet plays. I love Lost Planet but there is literally NO reason for that button layout to be the way it is aside form the devs doing it for the sake of doing it. I actually think it was a big reason that game/franchise didn't take off the way it could have.

            Japanese devs do funny things and they always have, it's just that now, Western Devs do everything so much better, so Japanese made games generally just have a niche place in the market outside Nintendo's first party stuff and a handful of big name 3rd party titles.

              Dark Souls is not clunky or imprecise, it's more likely that you are clunky and imprecise...
              Monster Hunter has one of the best combat systems I've ever played, no obscene amount of predefined combos in a system where you can blindly mash your way to victory, you're rewarded for learning a weapons reach and speed, as well as learning how and when to dodge, using all that knowledge(and knowledge of the Monster's patterns) to know how and where to position yourself for attacks instead of running in spamming combos and buttons. Dark Souls is very similar this way.
              More games need combat systems like these, these games are not ones you can blindly mash buttons through to the end.
              Clearly you've made your mind up though, you think you're being objective so there is no way you're wrong, if you think these games have clunky and imprecise controls, what games do you consider to have good controls and combat then?

              All I'm hearing is you just suck at the games.

                Seconded, guy is probs a nub. Bet he thinks street fighter handles poorly also.

          Sure is an awful lot of exceptions in here...

          And again I'd wager you just tried to beat the monsters by button mashing. It's not that kind of game. You need to use your brain and beat them with strategy and skill in using your chosen weapon. Sorry that it's not CoD.

            I don't like CoD.

            Stopped playing them a while ago. Even if I was a CoD player it wouldn't change anything about MH's gameplay. Would still be clunky. Not sure why it bothers you guys so much. Not saying you shouldn't like the game.

            I'm amazed how hard it is for some to admit that it's clunky though.

              I'm amazed how hard it is for some to admit that it's not clunky though.

    I think I'm turning Japanese.....I mainly think so.

    I don't understand where all of the comments about Monster Hunter only being popular in Japan are coming from. Yes, it's fanbase in Japan is huge and it's popularity there is more obvious in gamer society, but Monster Hunter has a loyal following across the globe. I've never had problems finding peers who fancied some ad-hoc matches and monster hunting.

    A Game About Hunting Monsters, And It's Not Made In Japan? Ummm... The Witcher?

    Hmm...to me it doesn't look "a lot like monster hunter". Looks like a complete ripoff. :)

      You can tell it's not Japanese because the player's character doesn't have a sword 18 times the size of his own body.

        That's just the starter kit. Give the character five hundred hours, and she'll have armour made out of the toenails of God. And a sword made out of His tears, that is so long the end of it is lost past the horizon, and can cleave a monster in twain several minutes before it's even unsheathed.

        im sure you will get one on higher levels.

    See I've always wanted to play Monster Hunter but because it is only released on Nintendo devices it makes it really hard for me to play. Seems like a great game that I would love to play with friends but only if it was released on the PS4/PC. No money for Wii U. :(

      It's on the PSP, Xbox, PS2, PS3 and PC. i do not see why you won't be able to play it with your friends.

      The original Monster Hunter was released on the PS2, then there was a bunch released on the PSP. It's only relatively recently that they've gone for Nintendo hardware, at least in western countries (a lot of games in the series are released in Japan only that target PS2, PSP, PS3 and even Xbox 360).

    ...uhhh I'll just....uhhhh.....wait for MH: O

    It's such a painfully obvious monster hunter rip-off...

    This is what MH get for not releasing fronter outside japan.

    Also that monster is pretty much a baroth.

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