A Plea To All Pokémon X & Y Players Out There

A Plea To All Pokémon X & Y Players Out There

Hey. How's it going? Are you having a fun time catching monsters and being the very best? Yeah? I'm glad. Listen. We need to talk. No, don't worry, I'm not taking you off my Passerby list on the X & Y games. You're good, you're good.

Well, almost. I've got a problem. It's just that I've noticed something while using the Wonder Trade feature in Pokemon, which is a cool new thing that lets you get a random Pokemon from a stranger in exchange for one of your own Pokemon. Like a blind trade of sorts.

Here's what usually happens. I'll spend some time picking up cool, rare or interesting Pokemon and I'll put them up for trade...only to get back shit like level 4 Scatterbugs and Zigzagoons.

Really? ....really?

And you know what? OK, yes, that's to be expected. I'm not gonna get like, a Deoxys every time I put in something into Wonder Trade — and to some extent, the chance that I could get an awful Pokemon is exactly what makes the feature so exciting. You don't know what you're going to get! That's the point; so many options.

But Wonder Trade can't be a wonderful thing that brings us together if everyone goes on with a box of Bidoofs all the time. You gotta make some effort to put in stuff that's cool, sometimes — and when you get something back that's neat, it'll be worth it! You don't really want to be the jerk that sits there, chuckling to themselves that they just suckered someone out of a good Pokemon, do you? That's kind of gross.

Plus, there are plenty of ways to have fun with it Wonder Trade. Name your Pokemon something special or funny to send people messages through trades. Like this Slowpoke called RIP MJ: it's a novelty in some way, so the Pokemon doesn't even have to be rare or anything to be worth the trade, you know?

You can also look at the version-specific Pokemon and toss some of those up — you might just make the day of someone who has the opposite version of yours. Or, you can put up some Pokemon that evolve on trade — that's always neat.

Starters are also good options to put up — you only get one (or well, technically two) choices for starters in X & Y, so it can be neat to have more of 'em. This person has the right idea.

Maybe a Pokemon that's a little difficult to obtain? This person is a fuckin' saint — look at all 'em Sylveons. Fantastic. You can put up Pokemon like this up on Wonder Trade, too.

If you're a breeder, you should consider putting up Pokemon that can only get moves via breeding: it could make for a nice surprise for someone else.

Do you have a favourite Pokemon? Why not share that with other people? Heck, you could always pick a Pokemon that's similar to a pet that you have, or have had in real life. It's a sweet move.

If you're the lucky sort that has managed to get Pokerus, a virus that lets you buff your Pokemon's stats faster, you should definitely spread that love — in that case, don't even worry about putting up Bidoofs and stuff. As long as it has the Pokerus, you're doing Arceus' work.

If you're the bold type, yes, you could always put up rare legendaries and shinies — you know, if you want to. Here, I won't blame you for hesitating, but it's certainly the type of move that could make Wonder Trade amazing for some people.

And remember, Pokemon can hold items, too! And all Pokemon games have a buttload of cool items; you should try to spread some of those around. Why not?

Maybe you have your own ideas for Wonder Trade that I don't list here — that's ok. Make em happen. Just, for everyone's sake, help Wonder Trade be the fantastic sort of place it's meant to be, ok? We'll all love you for it. <3

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    You're asking people not to be greedy and trolls... Sorry, not going to happen.

    Mind you, the funniest Pokemon i got through wonder trade was a Honedge that was called Cut4beiber... Safe to say, I traded that thing away as soon as I got it.

      I facepalmed when I was given a Pokemon (forget which) called DICandBALLS

        Was it Castform?

    Every now and again you get a decent trade. Through Wonder Trade, i've received a Ditto, a Froakie, a Skrelp and several rare Pokemon that would have been too much effort to catch otherwise.

    The trouble is, when I get a bad Pokemon through Wonder Trade (and i always make sure to trade something decent to start with), I always end up trading it off immediately afterward, and keep doing that until someone gives me something good. The way i see it, the best things to trade via Wonder Trade are Pokemon that are decent, but that you know you won't have any use for them yourself.

      I always trade away pretty good just not perfect breeds, and once i got a froakkie with 31 sp.atk/speed IVs and potean and timid nature :3 AND you get poke miles for each trade, and you can use those to get PP ups

    I love getting Japanese, or Spanish or French, etc., version of Pokemon I already have. You get a different Pokedex entry in that language (you can switch between them at any time, too), and it means we finally get Pokemon measurements in the metric system.

      You DO?! I HAD NO IDEA.


      And yes I am in the habit of wonder-trading Dratini, and people are usually happy with that.

    Asking the internet to be nice lol

    Seriously though I love wonder trade.

    Thank you for this quality blog post! It was meant to be a blog post, right? Though I do have one thing I'd like to actually comment on.

    "You don’t really want to be the jerk that sits there, chuckling to themselves that they just suckered someone out of a good Pokemon, do you? That’s kind of gross."

    I'm surprised you went with the word "gross". Yes, you can use it here.. but it really gives off a different image than what you've intended, unless you're trying to insult the people who do this? This really does feel like a blog post by someone who just wants more decent pokemon to come their way, nothing really overly informative. I am somewhat disappointed.

    rather then releasing pokemon ive bred and dont want to keep, ive been chucking my excess pokemon onto wonder trade

    spent half an hour yesterday trading off random charmanders i didn't want
    got a few useful pokemon, and a tonne of bunnelby
    is bunnelby really unpopular or something?

    Even the rubbish is useful, as the more trading you spam with Wonder Trade, the more chances you have to win the ID Lottery in Lumiose city. The only way having lots of rubbish Pokemon in all your boxes is bad is if you need more than 2-3 boxes for a really diverse competitive team or if you're the sort to hold onto everything you catch.

    I put up a handful of eevees, a ninjask, a few version specific skrelp and something that evolved on trade, all I got where pidgies, a snubull and an assortment of other extremely low level and not worth anybodies time shitmons.

    there are some decent people out there, but there are a lot of assholes, the point of wonder trade is not really supposed to be a lottery where one in a hundred pokemon are not pidgy or zigzagoon, but rather a way for you to trade away the trade worthy pokemon you have without wanting anything specific in return.

    and could people please stop re-circulating the crap trades? if you get a pidgy then accept that you got a pidgy, release it and move on, don't just put it back until you get something good, then you're just as bad as the person who put it in there to begin with and you're lowering the chances of anything good ever coming out of the system for anyone.

      Who says that's the point of Wonder Trade though? Just because that's what you want it to be, doesn't mean it is. And even if people only traded decent pokemon, there would still be someone getting the short end of the stick in every trade. You can't take it too seriously.

    Ive started collecting all the crap pokemon someone sends me, and will eventually release them all to the wild rather that continuing an endless chain of bunnelbys and ratattas through the system.

    Shame we cant take excess pokemon and grind them up for raw elements or something.

    Perhaps loading those dummy pokemon up with HM skills and nice items will counteract the guilt :D

      Pokemon parts,meat and mush... LOL that's what you'd get for grinding it.
      I guess bunnelby flavored poffins or puffs will be yum.(ik this post is old but just had to say this.)

    I'm gonna wonder trade my lunatone called "thatsnomoon". Hopefully sombody will get a chuckle.

    I got an evee, that's pretty cool, but i wonder if the Japanese guy who got my lunatone will get the joke.

    This is what I did


    Can you trade eggs in this Wonder Trade thing?

      If you can give them to a pokemon to hold, then yes. Haven't got an egg yet to know if its possible

    Considering I do extensive breeding for natures, as well as egg moves, I generally have days when I put a handful of starters, rares, or Pokemon with Egg Moves onto Wonder Trade. Out of all of them , I've gotten around three decent returns.

    Still, I've got nothing else to do with these boxes full of BUlbasaur.

    I tried it once.. Traded a level 1 adamant fennekin and all I got was a fucking Magikarp.. Safe to say, I won't be using it again.

    Ugh! Just Wonder Traded a lvl 49 Gothitelle, level 44 Graveller (which would evolve into Golem as soon as they recieved it) and a lvl 49 Ditto


    And I recieved a lvl 13 Illumise and lvl 8 Skitty and a lvl 1 Mawile. Really guys. Really..

    You realise most people are just starting the game and when they try it out in the first hour of the game all they have is scatterbugs and zigzagoons? I didnt bother wonder trading again until 20 hours later because of the lame pokemon i had access to. Give it a few weeks and you might see more interesting wonder trades.

    In essence people will use it as a chance to trade up crappy pokemon for good ones anyway. If they had a rating system or a rep system where you get + reps for good wonder trades that would hopefully build up the community of good wonder trades.

      If they had a rating system or a rep system where you get + reps for good wonder trades that would hopefully build up the community of good wonder trades.

      Yeah. They should have made it so you get the chance to 'Nice' Wonder Trades, and each Nice you receive shows up on your profile (along with which Pokemon was deposited) and bonus Pokemiles based on a preset rarity plus how desired that Pokemon is in the GTS seeking data.

    It should also go without saying but nobody wants to trade their Legendary Pokemon for your sort of hard to find or version specific Pokemon. Searching through a dozen 'will trade Pinsir for Yveltal' listings is a pain. I'd love a search option of 'Only Pokemon I have, excluding non-breedable one off Pokemon'.

      You can, mostly. On the screen where you search for what pokemon you want, there's an option you can tick you exclude legendaries. Then, once you are in the listing, you can filter it to show only people seeking pokemon you have. HOWEVER, if you have that option on and try and do a trade, it'll crash the game saying there's a communication error and you have to power off your game....

    I got Pokerus from wonder trade.. HYPE..

    Wonder trade is similar to lottery,
    You cant pick the numbers you want nor avoid those useless digits.
    If you have specific pokemon you want for an exchange, use GTS or post something in reddit.
    You can change the way how the world revolves. Just move on and live with it. :)

    Well when I start my game I 'm going to trade a zorua. :)

    Is Bagon rare? I'm thinking about following in my friends footsteps and trade starter/shiny/rare Pokemon through Wonder Trades.

    Actually I Wonder Trade Scatterbugs all the time and here's why:

    Scatterbugs evolve into Vivillon, whose pattern is determined strictly by region of origin. There are 18 known patterns and some are rare enough that collectors will trade starters and even legendaries for them.

    Receiving Scatterbugs through Wonder Trade is excellent for players who are collecting Vivillon patterns. My region produces Scatterbugs that evolve into the River pattern, which is uncommon enough that I can easily get starters and Eevees for them through GTS. If you happen to live in the Northern Territory, your Scatterbugs will evolve into the Sun Pattern, which is even rarer.

    If Wonder Trade gives you a bunch of Scatterbugs, evolve them and see what you get. If you get, say, a Monsoon or a Sandstorm pattern... that's worth a legendary on the GTS.

    The awesome thing about Scatterbugs is that they appear very early in the game. So far I've collected all three Kalos and all three Kanto starters, and two Eevees through Scatterbug/Vivillon trading in the space of a few hours and I haven't even entered the second gym.

    Last edited 24/10/13 3:07 pm

      Hey, is there any chance i can add you so you can help me complete my vivillion collection?

    Well I have been giving out a crap tone of eevee's all caught with luxury ball so they become friendlier faster, also been giving out Ditto's too but all I really want is a pokemon with pokerus.. if anyone is whilling to trade I will give up anything :( please help me out

    My friend code is 5257-9341-0435

      I have pokerus on some charmanders my friend code1993-8318-1296 name is brucey. wouldn't let me add you without a name

    Im tossing up Forretresses and Duosions with hidden abilities all the time, and I have about ten fletchlings...

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