Ah, HERE'S A Proper Look At The Xbox One's UI & Dashboard

Microsoft's own video showing the Xbox One's dashboard and user interface was disappointing, because being so heavily staged, it didn't give us an idea of how it actually performed in the real world. This real video, on the other hand, is just perfect. Shot in the middle of a round of Killer Instinct by Gameon Daily, it focuses mainly on how the system's menu and other apps can "snap" in on top of your gameplay, but also shows the user returning to the main menu as well.

Looks fast! And, when you simply must resort to GameFAQs, incredibly useful as well.

Xbox One UI and Snap Mode Walkthrough [Gameon Daily, via NeoGAF]


    It also looks really, really confusing.

    Though I admit this is probably due to it being a new way of doing things. Give it a few weeks and it may well become second nature, I dunno.

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      Windows 8 was a pretty big UI change, after I initially moved to it I was kind of bewildered. However I've been on since launch and right now I can say it's hands down the best OS I've used. I also like the fact that ANY windows device functions the same way.

    Looks pretty fluid!

    On the other hand, seems easy to do the wrong thing in.

      Fluid but laggy as hell. I'm so used to the Xbox lagging and there being a delay to load things that I was hoping this would be a little more instant.

        Yeah there's a reason nothings really been shown full bore in the xbo camp.... they're still working on software tweaks like crazy for day one release. it kind of sucks but I'm not judging anything until I see it (I'm buying on day one anyway).

        The same things happening with the PS4, oh well... it's a 2 week wait for ps4 in the states and a 3 week wait for XBO here so we'll see soon enough.

        I didn't see any lag. Any specific parts you saw lag that you want to point out?

          Just the bit at the start when they press OK. That may be due to connection lag more than anything else though, so hopefully not really a problem.

          I've got this baby pre-ordered and will get it no matter what, but I'm really, really hoping it will be smooth and they'd have removed the lag you have today (when opening the dashboard, etc).

            Yeah. That really bugs me about the XBOX 360 UI. So many times you sit there thinking 'is it seriously stopping me so it can load this? Just let me keep going and make a noise if it fails'.

    Bing. Really?

      It's a Microsoft product, what else would they use? :)

      The 360 uses Bing too.

        I know. It's what I expected but to me it devalues it when I see it on screen. I tear a little on the inside.

    Can you use Kinect to voice command a search?

      You can do it on the 360 with about 85% success rate

        "XBox Bing Metroid" - Did you mean steroid? because that other thing is not available on XBox.

    You know, I hate having my laptop and my unpainted Warmachine figurines sitting on the same desk that I'm on with my console (except for running Youtube playthroughs or rewatching Two Best Friend videos). Why would I be happy at something else being distracting on my TV?

      The beauty of it is though, is that if you don't want to use it, you don't have to :D

      I barely use 1/3 of the crap that was pre installed on my phone for example :D

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    Looks like you'll be able to seamlessly go to a forum and abuse the developers of the game you're playing without even getting off the couch. Next gen is here!

      Yep, claim that the game is "terribad", designed for BKs, that the franchise is dead, then proceed to keep playing the game for 300 more hours while you keep complaining.

        Designed for Burger Kings? Finally, a game just right for me!

    i dont see the appeal of the 'snap' feature. I can do similar things on my television and never EVER use it. Its just way easier using my smartphone/tablet if i need to go to gamefaqs/youtube.

    Microsoft have certainly hyped it though, maybe im missing something ?

      I'm thinking it might be nice to snap in the football coverage in between BF4 matches - But I'm sure the kiddies will simply use it to post their 45 second clips to their FB while they wait for the next match.

      Skype, Music & TV/Video will be the main uses of Snap.

    looks awful. i guess they put all their resources into spying and selling your info, no time for the actual interface. that's just the way it goes with these big companies - build a reputation based on a few good deeds then take advantage of your customers as much as possible - it's just how they make their profits (ea anyone?)

      Just curious who would Microsoft sell your info to and what benefit would "they" get from buying it

        they sell it to the highest bidder and the NSA, it's pretty common knowledge dude. Facebook have been doing it for years. as for the benefit, it all comes down to marketing the next wave of great products to the masses. just think of the power one brand/company would have if it knew the interests, contact info, etc. of millions of xbone users. combine that with the power to listen in on their conversations and literally WATCH them via kinect and the power they have is unprecedented. they would look for what's missing from these people's lives and find a product to "fill" that void. of course this is linked to the govt. (inb4 "lol u crazy" - i'm not) the govt. loves it when a company comes out with a product to distract the masses from the growing number of injustices they cause (sexism, racism, drone strikes etc.). this is simply the way capitalism works - has been for years, it's only now that people are starting to open their eyes.

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