Build Your Own Adam Syringe From BioShock, Or Just Admire This One

Played BioShock and felt compelled to build your own Adam syringe? Well, now you can, though it's not the sort of thing you'd want to carry around with you, lest you accidentally stab someone.

An Instructables user by the name of magicman391 has tossed up a tutorial on how you can go about crafting your own mean-looking syringe. The key component appears to be a petrol pump, which the creator acquired "pretty cheap" via eBay.

The trickiest part looks to be the needle, which had to be hand-forged. In the interests of safety (and making the endeavour less complicated), you can probably get away with a simple metal tube.

Not a bad project to have up your sleeve for your next gaming-themed costume party... or your next dive down to Rapture.

Little Sister Adam Syringe [Instructables]


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