BioShock PS3 Rated, Syringe Stabbing Still Not Considered Drug Use

BioShock PS3 Rated, Syringe Stabbing Still Not Considered Drug Use

bs_inj.jpgYesterday, BioShock on PS3 appeared in the OFLC’s database. Somehow, the static image of a syringe is much more suggestive than a dude violently jabbing himself with a needle and groaning in ecstasy. Good thing there’s no mention of real world drugs, so we can pretend it’s just a game!

Oh, that’s right, it is a game.

As an aside, Digital Extremes gets an “author” credit in the database entry, thanks to its optimisation work.

BIOSHOCK Game (Playstation 3) [OFLC]


  • i’ve stopped being angry at the OLFC

    i’ve come to terms with the fact that they are all retards

    i’ll be getting all my ps3 games off ebay now, banned or not

    at least ill get them half price

  • I think it’s obvious that this is just a stunt by the OFLC to assert their power. Every now and then they pick a game – a big game, but one not too big for them to stop – and attempt to crush it.

    San Andreas was too big to stop, so they only banned it after there were already

    I think it’s all part of Australia’s plan to keep itself locked in the 1900’s and never go anywhere interesting.

    By the way, OFLC, I’M IMPORTING THIS. SO GO TO HELL. I know Kotaku doesn’t neccesarily endorse this, but I think we at least agree that Australians should be able to play this.

  • …think I left some text off that last one.

    They only banned San Andreas after there were already thousands of copies floating around. They ban Manhunt, but not the other GTA’s. They ban this but not that. They’re inconsistent and ridiculous.

  • Re-releasing PC games for console with extra features is the best way to piss off PC gamers. We better get some DLC.

  • Heck, they don’t even mention drugs in the Bioshock rating. “Strong horror violence and themes” is all.

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