WIN! Bioshock 2 Game and Prize Pack (PC)

Bioshock 2 is in stores. Rapture is upon us. All this week we have games and prize packs to giveaway. 2 x 360, 2 x PS3, 1 x PC. True believers of the PC platform, step up to the plate, today is your day.

Bioshock 2 places you back in the undersea dystopia of Rapture, 10 years after the events of the original game. Only this time you're a Big Daddy. Actually, you're THE Big Daddy. The first. But there's a new regime in the house, and even tougher forces at play under the sea. Get ready to grab all the Adam you can.

Thanks to 2K Games we have five prize packs to give away, one each day this week. Each Bioshock 2 prize pack contains a copy of the game, a Bioshock 2 hoodie, a big Bioshock 2 artbook, a Little Sister figurine, a Bioshock 2 pen, a Bioshock 2 keyring, a plasmid badge, and a vinyl copy of the soundtrack. Total value runs to $274.65 per pack.

All you have to do is tell us in the comments what your version of Utopia would look like. What extreme regime would you introduce? Where would you build it? How quickly do you expect it will devolve into chaos? And today, after making it VERY hard for myself to judge yesterday, I want the answer in three versus... in your choice of limerick or haiku — the rise, the success, the fall. Most entertaining concept wins the pack.

You must also include a valid email address or use Facebook Connect so we can contact you if you win. Entries close midnight EDT and the winner will be announced tomorrow when the new draw opens.

Tuesday's Playstation 3 prize pack winner is Nicholas for bringing 'appliance love' to his Utopia.

Good luck!

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    …Join my deep sea city,
    Where slaves choose and men obey,
    Oh! Would you kindly….

    There was a secret city of slaves,
    Who wanted to make free men obey,
    Where three is never too many
    No even if it were twenty,
    So they built it under the waves.

    What if all the slaves have lied?
    What if all the men have died?
    We’re both Gods and Kings
    Who see angels with wings,
    Open them up to see what’s inside.

    And when they became old slaves with beards,
    The men all said ‘It is just as we have feared! -
    10 years have passed,
    We’re free at last,
    The difference between us has disappeared!’

    The title is a Haiku; the body is made up of 3 Limericks demonstrating the rise, success and fall of a city similar to rapture going through a role reversal. – What would the utopian society for slaves on rapture look like?

    The first verse – The Rise.
    I have used a lot of the symbolism from Bioshock and put them in a different light. What if this was a city of slaves who took free men as their workers? They created an undersea city to call their home. They challenged and rebelled against all views held by ‘man’ – “three is too many”, “a man chooses, slaves obey”, “no gods, no kings, only men”.

    The second verse – The Success
    At the peak of this society there becomes confusion about who is still a slave and who is a free man? – As they get used to this ‘freedom’. Are they still slaves? Or are they now men?. This is shown by nods to Bioshock lines quotes “Hurry, Mr. Bubbles! I can see angels dancing” and “no gods, no kings, only men”.

    The Third Verse – The Fall – “My youth, my rose! I want it back”
    The society has fallen by through its own beginnings. What it once stood for has been lost in the time, the difference between free men and slaves has been lost.

    Thanks for reading! I can’t wait to see how the story will play out. Too bad pay days not until the 20th.

    The Atkinson falls
    R-Eighteen games reign supreme
    Alas kids get porn

    Thank you, thank you!

    I'm seriously rubbing my eyes in disbelief. Surely I'm still not quite awake.

    ...Nope, that's definitely my name up there so unless is this a very vivid hallucination I've just won Bioshock 2 and a truckload of awesome additional swag.

    If you don't mind, I'm going to go dance a merry little jig.

      Quick question: Does having my email in the field provided suffice or do I need to actually post it as a comment? Just asking as, until I receive an email I'm staying in my state of disbelief.

        Nope, it doesnt... forfeit the prize and send to me instead ;)

        Well done Nick, enjoy the game.

        Yep, I can see your email. Details will come through shortly.

      I'm not suprised at all, your entry was awesome!

    A city where citizens blindy
    Follow without using their minds, see?
    None would evade capture,
    When living in Rapture,
    So obey me, would you kindly?

    A cold iron grip.
    Rust surrounds your heart these days,
    Keeps the sea at bay.

    Ryan's Paradise
    Just might be my salvation.
    Could be hell for some.

    [email protected]

    Anarchy city
    Sex and drugs and rock and roll
    Too much rapture kills

    360 please!

    There once was a man from Orange
    How the hell can I rhyme something with Orange?
    Anyway, he decided to make a nation
    But due to his financial limitation
    Built it right under the city of Orange

    Underground this man ruled as a king
    And would spend his time bathing in a hot spring
    Where all the women had to be nude
    So that they could be viewed
    Because it was really kinda his thing

    But the man spent too much time on his kink
    And didn’t spend enough time to think
    About hiring an engineer
    Those guys can be dear
    So the ground collapsed on him in a blink

    my new city among the stars a city founded on hate and war against earth for rejecting its people and our ideas this place is called depeton
    the home among the stars with research never seen before eg. Jetpacks, laser gun , and much more It would be build like a big mother ship earth thinks its funny to send all there violent murders and serial kills up here to kill of my people we say no and it war u want war! u shell have. Chaos
    Would Happen Soon as The Killers get To The Plasmids and start to destroy my city they let go
    of all my mental insane and let them loose into my adam reserves. as the city falls to ruins join up with
    Fellows and join the fight to stay alive with little brothers and little sisters running around catch them
    Save them or take everything

      When the lights Go out Its Time to Play as the city goes the rubble falling to the ground as we slowly drifting out into space will you make it in time

    Upon a great plant in space,
    A strong engine to keep it in place,
    Some said it not fair,
    How those people did dare,
    Blown from the airlocks with no trace.

    Most people's freedom had been lost,
    Happiness must come at great cost,
    Their kids did not know,
    But they went with the flow,
    It was well until assets began to exhaust.

    How the society had been stressed,
    The citizens had begun unrest,
    Weapons were made,
    The illusion of force did fade,
    And the regime of one was crippled at best.

    As it probably makes little sense now, some explanation:
    First verse, basically the setting is on a 'spacestation', one which is ruled by a totalitarian regime (which only becomes apparent in the third verse) - it shows some people brought there hadn't known what they were getting into, and were killed.

    Second verse, as they reached the next generation they started to become complacent with their situation (the 'next generation' knew nothing of proper freedom), and the downfall is referenced - though assets not meaning money but insted most resources (mainly food).

    Third verse, things begin to break down. The citizens, fueled by the impending lack of sustainable food (caused not only by little amounts grown but also by overpopulation) they started becoming violent.

    The Mix Was Perfect
    Human Bonobo Fusing
    Promised New Order...

    Sexy Utopia
    Handshakes Now Superseded
    All Happy and Spent...

    Sore Privates Tainted
    More Swollen Organ Than Man
    Plasmids Could Not Cure.

    There once was a city in space
    From a dream I chose to chase
    The first people came
    A new land to claim
    They vanished without a trace

    Settlers could not comprehend
    Why here they would meet their end
    When they started to learn
    Our fates began to turn
    My new world I had to defend

    I fought for all I was worth
    To Utopia I had given birth
    It had more than just famine
    I'd also built a cannon
    One shot did away with the Earth

    A themed entry today!

    The perfect Utopia for me
    Is one made under the sea
    With no accusations
    Just friendly crustaceans
    What a fabulous place it would be

    The naysayers all began to wail
    "You're plan is destined to fail!"
    To prove them all wrong
    I sang them a song
    And now I must build a monorail

    The rail was the tricky part
    Underwater it won't even start
    With no access at all
    My utopia did fall
    So now I work at Kwik-E-mart

      Under the sea
      Under the sea
      There'll be no accusations
      Just friendly crustaceans
      Under the sea!

    In the future we all became cannibals
    My solution: Each race mimicked an animal
    The French became frogs
    The Aussies preferred dogs
    But banned were a race full of Hannibals

    For a time, animal kingdom fared well
    If you ignored that decaying meat smell
    All races got along
    No more weak against strong
    Apart from some chickens who thought to rebel

    But alas, thy kingdom did fall
    As old problems couldn’t be resolved at all
    First, Aussies were eaten
    As delicacies in Sweden
    And thus the food chain was soon reinstalled

    A utopian society's a misnomer,
    For my utopia is to be a loner,
    Free, with no rules,
    Absent of fools,
    Why the thought of it gives me a boner.

    But nothing good can last for long,
    Especially my aforementioned schlong,
    I’d get really lonely,
    And purchase a pony,
    To explore fantasies known to be wrong.

    The horse uprising, it proved ill-fated,
    But at least my lust for tail has abated,
    Trampled by hooves,
    Unable to move,
    Being a loner is vastly overrated.

    There once was a ship
    Who's look was quite hip
    It was bigger than life
    And cut water like a knife
    It could even do a triple back flip!

    We set sail upon the seas
    And could go where ever we please
    The horizon never ended
    And the views were so splendid
    We even said hello to the Chinese!

    But soon ended our cruise
    Which gave us the blues
    Pirates came aboard
    Swinging their swords
    I hope they're just here to peruse

    Lol, I love how kotaku team make anyone entering competitions jump through hoops to enter. Classic.

    And to think, only one person wins after all their efforts here.

    Goodluck all, enjoy the prize Nicholas.


      Well, it means (a) we know the winner really wanted it, and (b) it does make it easier when it comes time to judge... and more fun than just '25 words or less'.

    Now I know this is Australia's Kotaku, but maybe there's someone who can appreciate this.

    There once was a group of warriors who were Norse
    They explored by boat instead of by horse
    They robbed and they pillaged
    Every city, town, and village
    They did so With an abundant amount of force

    These men were strong and attracted the best
    They could out run, out throw, and out fight the rest
    They were truly great,
    With skills that were innate
    And would show their glory when hard pressed

    But their battles would soon take a toll
    And their stories- no one would extol
    Because even with their war paints
    They were no match for the Saints
    Who went on the win the Super Bowl.

    See the Shining lights
    Makes this city always bright
    No sleep only work

    Advances abound
    Everything can be done without
    Leaving home ever

    All work and no play
    Makes jack a dull boy and that
    Axe looks inviting

    here another one i want to put into this entry :P
    my Utopia Is South Park Hahaha Well I think You already Know chaos part just randy doing his thing is chaos i would just let the homeless back in And What I Would Bring to The Game A Load Of Fun And Stiches :P

      :p walking around town you will see a lil fat kid stealing tvs dont worry that’s just cartman Just Don’t Follow Him You Will End Up In Trouble somehow :D

    Yet another hot sunny day,
    I was looking for somewhere to stay,
    To escape the heat,
    Find something to eat,
    "Hey, this place looks OK"

    Snacks abound,
    A low humming sound,
    Delicoius aromas fill the air,
    Much cooler than it was out there,
    My utopia had been found.

    But things started to get tough,
    After that last cream puff,
    Nature started to call
    So I let out a bawl:
    "Open the fridge door, I've had enough!"

    There once was a utopia of sorts;
    A high school not dominated by sports,
    Where nerds ran the school
    Where Knowledge was cool
    Where it was funny to say “Use the Schwarz”.

    The leaders made a noble pledge, we
    Held student council w’out fear of a wedgie
    “None shall be bullied;
    it will be wicked, fully!”
    Because without fear, our English got edgy.

    Alas, with no one we ever had to run from,
    We were too fat when we got threat of a bomb,
    It was good while it last-
    ed, but we couldn’t move fast.
    Please send to adullard at gmail dot com.

      Just re-reading that, the first line of verse 3 should be " Alas, with no-one to ever run from". It scans better.

      Also, Schwartz. With a T.

    A lumbering steel juggernaut in space
    For the galaxy colonization race
    My help they all sought
    My response was nought
    Till I saw the girl with pretty face

    And then the society prospered
    My own giant station I'd fostered
    Advancing humanity abound
    Except two that drowned
    And the guy who fell in the custard

    But then I called all to mass
    Pulled a cigarette out to harass
    Then I put down my cup
    Then the station blew up
    Because someone had left on the gas

      I did put an email in as [email protected] by the way, it didn't show up. D'oh.

        No drama. It doesn't need to show up publicly.

    A land where darkness shines,
    A land that has no equal mind,
    People there call it Grand.

    Grand has no language barriers,
    Communication is possible with everyone and everything,
    Abundant amount of information emerged.

    Creatures that seemed insignificant thrived,
    Humans who was the smartest became challenged,
    Even ants became a force.

    Where Optic Fibre Roamed Free,
    Where All Game Consoles Grew on Trees,
    And Fields of all games as far as the eye can see...

    Thus Gamers would glee at the world to be,
    Thus returning Piracy back to sea where it once be,
    And where Restrictions cannot be...

    Alas Atkinson's would swarm and multiply,
    Planning their actions to be, to demise the utopia of thee,
    Thus faulting the gamers world to be....

    There once was a young lad from Melbourne,
    Who thought that he could raise a hellstorm.
    To give it a whirl
    He took over the world
    But found nothing that rhymes with Melbourne

    The laws that he did enforce
    Meant that PC was par for the course
    And 1337, is was told
    Was the language of old
    And used only by those with the Force.

    But the console gamers grew weary
    And they distributed their fury
    The Great Unwashed said,
    As they split the boy's head,
    "All we want is Wii Sports, dearie."

    My city build of steal deep within the ice of Antarctic set in 1924
    In the time of world war 2 before rapture As war breaks out all over the world
    You went to a save heaven but when you walk into the doors made of
    Steal covered in ice my Utopia Redemption It was Save before the War it was out side
    At first people heard it on the radio people started picking sides and then from there
    Fights started braking out then adam finely gave them that extra push the power
    Of a atom bomb in the hand in a snap of a finger it is too much power for one man to handle
    We tried cutting off the radio to stop all the fight but war just broke out and the chaos began
    A single man gathered people around my city preaching the word of god and that he should
    Be the leader he steals adam and building an army to take over my city while my people are in
    War with each other so Chaos Would not take long to kick in But Find it In Your Heart To do The
    Right Thing You never know who will back stab you

    THANKX for Reading Much Love

      Opps In my city Of Steel opps and doors made of steel sorry my spelling is crab lol :D

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