If The Street Fighter Cast Was Gender-Swapped...

Take the Street Fighter crew, and flip the genders around. What do you get? Badassery, that's what. Of course, maybe we should have all expected that. But still, it's cool to see this skit of a picnic gone wrong by ReallyCleverAndroids. Don't mess with Ryu's rice, man.

Also! A female version of Guile needs to happen in-game. Dang. That hair.

A Street Fighter Picnic [ReallyCleverAndroids]


    [Insert line about being happy to get backside kicked by attractive women]

    Last edited 27/10/13 10:06 am

    Holy crap, Ken's a babe!

      They are all babes - shaved head would be nice with hair, and strangely the one is blue is the best looking :P

    Awesome vid, but why did it suddenly become night time during Ryu's fight?

    Ryu does the wise thing and lets everyone else wear Sagat down first

    Mmm always loved Ken, oh wait.. that sounds wrong.

    They didn't gender bend Chun li properly. That's just a guy in Drag. Needs to be like Lee Rekka in Last blade, but with Chun li blue silk.

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