I’m Not Sure, But I Think PETA Is Upset With Pokémon

I’m Not Sure, But I Think PETA Is Upset With Pokémon

Remember when we had to wait years for a follow-up to our pro-animal rights propaganda video games? The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals return to the Unrelated Region a year after Pokémon Black & Blue with Pokémon Red, White & Blue: Loosely Connected to McDonald’s.

Last year’s game called out all of humanity for looking at animals the wrong way. This year’s lighthearted romp, available to play here, seems to be angry at McDonald’s for serving animal meat near Pokémon toys, or serving Pokémon meat near animal toys, or whatever.

I’m Not Sure, But I Think PETA Is Upset With Pokémon

“Our parody game is a fun way to tackle a serious issue — that it’s wrong for Nintendo to allow McDonald’s to lure kids in using its beloved, cute icons, when the reality that Pokémon have been used to mask would horrify them,” says PETA director of marketing innovations Joel Bartlett via official annoucement. “PETA’s game offers an empathetic way to look at animals that we hope will inspire players to choose kindness and go vegan — after all, even humans can evolve.”

Oh, OK, it’s wrong to have Pokémon Happy Meal toys.

The game uses the same engine as the previous parody, but adds three new Pokémon, so at least there’s a little innovation there. At times it can be funny:

I’m Not Sure, But I Think PETA Is Upset With Pokémon

But mostly it just wanders about, beating its message into your brain with heavy hands.

I’m Not Sure, But I Think PETA Is Upset With Pokémon

Oops, I just spoiled the boss fight. That’s ok, you’ll still want to play through the whole thing to earn a wallpaper, some fake Pokémon cards, and a depressing video.


    • Peta have a problem with a lot of things, but they often go after bigger targets to keep their image out there. They are also a bunch hypocritical idiots who come up with some real stupid ideas like letting all our pet dogs free in to the wild, because owning a dog is slavery.

      • I totally see where PETA are coming from. It’s far more humane to let everyone’s dogs out in the wild to starve, die of easily preventable diseases and injuries, over-breed and bring more puppies into such a situation, and let them kill wildlife than it is to keep them as pets, regularly feed them, take them for walks, show them love, and take them for regular vets visits. Who cares if all they’ve known is a life of ease and comfort where everything they could possibly want is provided. It’s better to let them slowly die free than live a long and comfortable life as a member of the family – oh, whoops, I meant in captivity.

        On the topic of this game, it’s just another example of how screwed up PETA are. They could do so much good and actually fix real problems. Instead they would prefer to pay lip serve to made up or imaginary problems while killing the vast majority of animals unfortunate enough to end up in their shelters. Words cannot express exactly how much I hate these hypocritical and delusional bastards.

  • Totally going to go buy Pokemon Y in 30 minutes, and have lunch at the Macca’s across from the store.

  • PETA love the right to preach their ways at me, but get upset when I talk about the benefits of eating meat. Why?

  • This game looks more like the kind of thing to disturb someone.. holy ****, PETA are sick in the head… well to be honest, I already knew they were crazy… i’m hungry now.

  • PETA are the Jihadists of the animal welfare movement. They have no idea how difficult they make it for the rest of us to talk about the issues.

  • I do kinda agree with one thing, Fast food (or more so the big three, maccas, hj and kfc) shouldn’t be aimed at kids, kids are fat or will be fat.

  • The head of PETA is a diabetic and required insulin to live, which comes from pigs blood. She always gets mad when asked about that for some reason…

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