Pokémon Super-Fan To PETA: ‘You Guys Are Just Sick And Wrong’

Pokémon Super-Fan To PETA: ‘You Guys Are Just Sick And Wrong’

Chris loves Pokémon games. He’s been playing them since he was 10 or 11. And he thinks the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are unethically treating his favourite gaming franchises.

In the video here, he defends Pokémon and attempts to obliterate PETA’s argument that Nintendo’s popular franchises celebrates the subjugation of animals. PETA made their case in Pokémon: Black & Blue, a web game released on Monday. Chris makes his case now.

A sampling of his spirited defence:

Let me say to you right now, PETA, I love Pokémon. I would never hurt a fly. I would never hurt an animal. I would never hurt a dog. And I promise you that your misguided attempts will be met with nothing but contempt, because I stand against you — I and a million others — I and all my friends here: Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Pikachu. We stand in unity against you PETA, because you are sick and wrong.

As Chris notes, a lot of what PETA is doing is glomming onto the the release of a new game to promote their agenda. That’s not going to keep a Pokémon Trainer from firing back.

PETA’s Pokemon Attack : MY BIASED RESPONSE [CSANdreas on YouTube]


  • Uh, pretty sure I qualify as a pokemon super-fan also, even though I don’t go around claiming it constantly – or own an Ash hat.

    Of course peta is using the release of the new pokemon with that campaign, duuuuh, does he think he’s smart or something for noticing it? Thinking it’s some kind of hidden sinister plot? It’s not, it’s obvious.

    I found the peta game pretty funny, it has a point about pokemon, effectively the same as what team plasma, well some of them (not all of them were just there to take over the world, some actually believed in the ideals they stood for, at least thats what I understood from the game), were talking about in the first black and white. I really don’t care too much for peta, but they have the right to put forth their views, this is one of the far tamer and intelligent ways they have done so in my opinion.

  • so i was playing the pokemon: black and blue peta game… well made and would have loved it had it been a motiveless parody. However when you unlock a disgusting video of graphic animal slaughter (lets just stereotype and say thats how all animals are treated shall we), I began to loose interest (and my stomach having just finished breakfast). I thought peta was a respectable group just wanting animals to be treated humainly… not this disgusting group I now resent.
    PETA…. I now dislike you because of this…

    • So they made you feel uncomfortable by showing you how animals are treated in the production of your food? Mission accomplished!

      • Meh, those videos do nothing to me. I know how food is prepared. I’ve killed animals with my bare hands that we’ve latter eaten. Don’t get me wrong, I think they should be treated better, but their(PETA) tactics are terrible and stupid.

        • Everyone who enjoys eating meat should do it themselves at least once, to know what goes into that little cling wrapped polystyrene tray of steak they eat each week. PETA are A-holes though, I grew up on a small farm don’t put me in the same bag as dicks that run cockfighting rings etc. obviously dumb ploy is obvious and dumb

  • Theres a food reason why groups like PETA are referred to as Eco-Terrorists. They’re very evil organisations. They would slaughter your family in their sleep if it would save the life of a single rat.

  • If this is the first time you’ve heard about PETA, than you should know from the get-go, that they’re an organization that’s full of contradictions and propaganda.

    I do not advocate animal violence, however PETA makes a huge spectacle without bringing attention to the actual problem to begin with they fuel controversy over their organization rather than controversy over actual issues.

    They are a joke of an organization, concerned more for themselves than the animals they fight for. They’re just a bunch of activists playing a political game, rather then seriously devoting their efforts to help animals.

    This Pokemon game is another example of this. I get where this ‘shock’ advertising is coming from, and I get what kind of tack they’re using, but a game like this isn’t effectively making us more aware of animal cruelty, it honestly just brings attention to PETA as if any publicity is good publicity.

  • I would of understood if they jumped down Nintendos throats with the first pokemon game ( where the slowpokes tails had been chopped off) but now? How many years later?? And using ash as the final “boss”!!! Have they ever seen pokemon!!! First episode ash saves pikachu!! First movie (I think) ash gets himself turned to stone to save mew and mewtwo. To just go after pokemon after all pokemon has taught is about loving these creatures!?! These people make me sick. I am all for saving animals but they could be doing something about whaling intead of going after pokemon. Peta, you make me lose faith in adults.

  • I love this guy.

    “Why would you put a syringe in a Pokemon’s head,” as he slowly draws the plushies into a protective embrace. That, my friends, is a trainer.

    Pokemon’s always been all about teamwork – between trainers, between pokemon, just lots of love in the entire franchise. Honestly, I think Pokemon has done more to promote humane treatment of animals than PETA has. Rather that going to extremes that only make the public look down upon them, this series has subtly given the message to children that animals are not just cuddly play things, but partners and friends.

    Even in walking around talking to NPC’s, it’s impossible to keep from running into a guy telling you to love your pokemon, or another guy talking about how his pokemon is his best friend, or about how intelligent and thus equal pokemon are. This is the series that made a twelve year old me decide to go vegetarian. PETA is a group that almost scared me out of it. Thank goodness the influence of Pokemon was stronger.

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