Look At All These Australian Games That Received Funding

You may remember that Screen Australia committed itself to providing $20 million in funding to the local games industry here, and you might also remember that some of that money was divvied up amongst a handful of studios earlier this year. Now more locally produced video games have been granted some added funding.

You might recognise some of the names, since we've featured many on this site. Flat Earth Games, for example, creators of iPad game Towncraft were among the recepients. Remember the family that built a video game together? They recieved some cash for their upcoming game Ninja Pizza Girl.

But that's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. 21 different studios were handed some dollars from the Screen Australia kitty, including some games I'm really looking forward to, like Framed.

Congrats to everyone who received funding!


    Wow... that Framed game is an amazing concept.

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