The Steam Halloween Sale

The Steam Halloween Sale

Now through November 1, Steam has discounted a fairly large selection of digital games in honour of... whatever they don't really need an excuse. Most of the games on offer have at least some kind of tenuous tie to themes relevant to Halloween, but you may be scratching your head at a few of the inclusions.

There's nothing unprecedented price-wise here, but if you're looking to bulk up your library this is as good a time as any. You can't go wrong with The Swapper for five bucks or games like Home for 75 cents. Dig in and let us know what you'll be picking up in the comments. [Steam]


    If you haven't bought Fallout: New Vegas yet, now would be a great time to pick up the Ultimate Edition, only five clams!


        Every sale it comes up for $4.99 I think I should buy it... then I look at my pile of shame and think "by the time I get around to playing it... it will be $3.75" Lol...

    Wow some really good games on sale, of course with steam that's an understatement haha.

    I highly recommend Resident Evil 5, especially if you have a mate to play it with. Insanely good co-op game with a huge amount of replay value.

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      I don't know why you got down voted, but it made me lol heartily

        Yeah haha sometimes ya just gotta laugh at stuff like that.

        Personally I only reserve the down vote button for people who post comments that are offensive, way off topic or just down right mean or trolling.

    Damn, i gots no money and don't get paid until next week. :(

      i hear you bro... except i dont get paid till the 14th...

    Just bought Typing of the Dead: Overkill.

    Eventually, I'll work out why.

      If you work in IT, you could try claiming it as a tax deduction next year. Improving your touch typing counts as professional development, right?

        I already type at 80+wpm, somehow I doubt there's much to be gained from this :p

          It may not increase the speed, but it'll give you more things to do WITH the speed: Specifically saving the world from zombies.

      Is it enjoyable at 100WPM? Because I am worried it will be hard to engage in.

        Still installing. I probably won't find out until tomorrow.

        Just mucked about with some mini-games. It's surprisingly fun although it's a little odd that you don't ever need to hit spacebar and you use backspace to switch between words if you think another target is more pressing.

        The dictionary has a lot of uncommon words that I had to think for a fraction of a second about before actually typing them.

        Also the soundtrack is really rad.

        Yeah, I'm up around 120wpm and I've bought a few 'typing games' for kicks and giggles, but they get boring pretty damn quick. You start treating it just like any other typing test and push yourself to see how fast you can get while retaining accuracy.

    I'm tempted by a few games, but with the release of BF4 so close I know they'll just end up in my pile of shame and they deserve better than that.

    I'm going to try and be strict and stay away from this sale. Yeah, we'll see how well that plan will work out...

    Have a few game in my cart, I'll decide what I actuially want tonight
    Primordia,Pinball FX2 Paranormal table, sleepy dog dlc, Brothers, Sang-froid, Zafehouse Diaries & Sid's Pirates
    I also didn't have swapper in my cart until i read this article. I hope you are happy Mark

    Finally got Bioshock 1 & 2, and Fallout 3. :D

    Bioshock 2 and Fallout 3 aren't showing up in my library though, even though they're in my transaction history. :c

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      Restart Steam. If that doesn't work, there's some blobby clientregistry thing that might help (google it), but I think a restart should fix it.

        I've already tried restarting, logging in and out, and doing the clientregistry.blob thing but it's still being stupid and not showing those two games.

        I'm on my work PC though, so hopefully it'll be fine on my home PC tonight. Otherwise off to support I go!

          I think Steam might be having issues maybe? I had the same problem with Castlevania that I just bought, logging back into steam after a restart took ages, but now it's showing up for me.

            Too many people buying games! XD

            I just hope it's working properly tonight. I wanna start them downloads!

    My picks of some of the less obvious gems.

    Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - A beautifully created world. The puzzles are simple and the story isn't anything to write home about, but the way it ties in to the mechanics, especially near the end, is pretty special. It's a short game that you'll have a few pretty great moments out of.

    Closure - A very clever 2d platformer, with a cool mechanic and some great puzzles.

    The Swapper - Another very clever 2d platformer with a cool mechanic. Love the art style too.

    Condemned Criminal Origins - Really well done first person combat. Quite creepy too.

    The only one I'm actually picking up is Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, because I missed it on console and I've been waiting for a Steam Sale.

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    Really tempted to grab Nether just because I'm getting sick of waiting for DayZ… but on the other hand, new XCOM expansion is out pretty soon.

      People are saying it has similar pay to win mechanisms as warz and could even be backed by the same people so be careful with your cash!

        sad face :(

      Remember Ozgameshop is selling the X-com Xpac key for 24 dollars or something like that, much better than the 45 on steam.

        Nice catch, thanks.

    Went to buy Dead Space pack but the individual games were cheaper. Like over $10 cheaper. I noticed this was the same with their Mass Effect pack as well the other day. I guess its some form of EA badness at work than Steam trying to rip people off.

    Grabbed the Walking dead since it comes with recommendations from everyone and its $6. Found the DLCs for $1.25 from amazon as well, opposed to steam sill charging $4.

    My suggestion is SPAZ (Space Pirates and Zombies - and Bounty Hunters) for $2.49.

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