The Xbox 360 Version Of Battlefield 4 Doesn't Look So Hot

Most of the footage we've seen of Battlefield 4 so far has been gorgeous. There's a reason for that: we've either seen next-gen footage, or PC footage. Natch the graphics will be a step up from current-gen systems.

Even so, you don't realise how much of a step-up it is until you see the different versions side-by-side — and thankfully, the fine folk at VideoGamerTV let us see exactly that in this video. It seems like your best bet, if you care about visuals at all, is to get the game on either PC or next-gen platforms — that's where the game shines.

Otherwise, sure, some of this stuff isn't such a huge deal — they're just graphics! — but hey, if you have a choice here, why not go with the best-looking version?

Battlefield 4: How bad does it look on the Xbox? [VideoGamerTV]


    It's a beta though,they usually ship with muddy textures to make the download size smaller

      It's pretty obvious isn't it? Makes you wonder why they chose such a misleading title for the post...

    Well yeah, 7 or 8 year old hardware vs newest hardware on the market? Well... of course.

      Im not taking this video as a "Xbox sucks", they sound like they are impressed it runs in the first place. Which is impressive.

        Oh indeed, its impressive for sure that it runs, but the question is, how much of a true step up from 3 is BF4 actually to come out so soon?

          Answer: very minimal.

            Definitely. The sound is good but no improvement. The graphics all look fuzzy. Nowhere near as sharp. I struggle to notice any difference between the frostbite 2 and 3 engine.
            The controls SUCK! It's set up COD spec from the start. You cannot set them up to replicate BF3 spec controls either which is annoying.

            Last edited 03/10/13 1:54 pm

              Im still a diehard bf2 fan, I tried bf3 and hated it with every part of my body. I hated the grey colour scheme after the glorious colours of the bf2 maps etc wake island, the yellows and browns of the middle east that were surprisingly vibrant and part 3 seemed washed out and boring.

          Yeah I'm surprised at what an incremental update it appears to be. But there's a lot of BF3 die hards who are pretty stoked they're getting a major update, so seems like they're keeping people happy with it.

    I honestly think it looks worse than bf3 on ultra on the PC version. It also runs way worse, but that's to be expected.

    The weapon models look better, but that might just be because they're new to my eyes.

      This is true but it's the beta. There's no difference between most of the graphics setting.

      The BF3 beta didn't look as good as the finished BF3.

        Of course. Thanks for that info regarding the bf3 beta appearance. It's good to know there is room for improvement.

        Setting everything to low/off truly looks terrible. It's s blast playing like that though... For some reason. :)

      Uhh no shit it looks better, Bf3 on PC ultra settings is one of the nicest looking games period. It will most likely look better than BF5 on consoles.

      PC games are just way nicer looking

    You're seriously comparing the two and expecting 7+ year old hardware to match up to a modern PC setup worth $2000+? What a stupid comparison. No one is expecting it to come close. Comparing it with other shooters on the console, it actually looks quite decent.

    NEWS FLASH: Next gen looks better than current gen.

    So play it on old console and deal with the lower fidelity in every way) or play on a new console and deal with a much smaller player base. Hmmm. Makes the PC option look good - until I remember playing BF3 on PC and getting destroyed by aimbots and other wonderful "mods".

    I seriously have no idea at this point what I'm going to do.

      I've played BF3 on PC from launch and never encountered a single hacker, so there not running rampant you must have been unlucky.

    I had to google what 'natch' meant...Do people actually talk like this?

      Had to look it up too.
      The other week a Kotaku story used the word 'jank'. had to look that up too.
      Hey Kotaku, where can I order a hipster dictionary?

        Surely you're making stuff up now... 'jank'? I honestly never thought I'd be muttering "those dern kids" with a shake of my fist so often at the age of 26.

          what the hell does jank mean? Oh man....just book me straight into the retirement 30 years of age. dammit.

          From this article:

          "Here, have some screenshots. They look a little jank but remember, it’s running in Flash."

      Someone was using 'grok' the other day. I did a doubletake.

        People who use 'grok' in real conversations are only slightly less weird than goreans.

        Yeah, I knew what 'natch' meant, but only through eventually Googling it a while ago after constantly being confused by its appearance in a few gaming articles. I wouldn't expect a supposed journalist to use it, outside of a picture caption perhaps, which are often less formal. I noticed that 'grok' thing, and assumed it was one of the ubiquitous typos that haunt Kotaku, but no, it's actually meant to mean something?

        Kotaku editors: "natch", "grok" and "jank" aren't acceptable in the context of an article.

    I think it looks pretty good on X360, considering the age of the hardware. Was there a point to this article?

      I think a good question is: does it look better than the 360 version of BF3?

        I imagine it depends on whether they've hit the limit of how much they can squeeze out of 8 year old hardware. I mean, if BF3 and BF4 look the same on X360, does that mean BF4 dropped the ball, or that BF3 looked fantastic for its time?

          Thats a good question actually.
          I think this frostbite 3 engine is really just a frostbite 2.5 dealyo. Remains to be seen.

    FYI it looks equally as shit on PS3. The console code in the demo errr Beta is pretty much final. The purpose here is network stress testing etc. Even then with the Sony & MS certification process for patches, do you honestly think that whatever DICE finds in terms of bugs will be patched by retail in less than 4 weeks? You're kidding yourself if you do!

    Have we not learned anything from how terrible BF3 was on release even with their token 4 week from retail "Beta"?

    I'll stick with the PC version and may consider the PS4 version for the lounge down the track.

    It looks REALLY good on current gen hardware! I was expecting some really, really crap looking thing, but that legit, honest to God looks great, what's the big deal? Looks about as good as my middlerange PC from 2011 runs BF4 :P

    How is this even remotely a surprise?

    Battlefield THREE looked like ass on PS360. Why would BAttlefield 4 fare any better?

    i dont really care about graphics, next gen is exciting for me because of more players and bigger maps. The main problem with bf3 on consoles was the lack of players and empty maps, especially the dlc armoured kill stuff

    The beta hasn't been uploaded with HD graphics; I believe that just llike BF3 it will ship with a HD content install.

    I saw some vids of it too! it just looks like BF3. cant tell any diff at all!

    I would like to see a 7 year old PC run the game that well; for what it's on, it doesn't look that bad.

    For me it's not about the visual look of games like this anyway, it's the FPS. 30fps is fine if you are use to it, but I have been ruined by 60fps on PC; so it would be really hard for me to go back and play it on the current-gen hardware because of that.

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