Three Videos' Worth Of Battlefield 3 Footage On The Xbox 360

Some media of Battlefield 3 on the Xbox 360 has turned up over the weekend. It's of limited use for graphics aficionados, as the capture is sub-par, but in terms of checking out gameplay it's just fine.

All three videos are worth watching, as they show stuff not seen before, but the singleplayer jet combat is most pleasing.


    "...Copyright Claim by EA"

    It is things like this which make me a bit worried about this game...EA


      Cool, thanks. Laughed when the dumbass ran into the sniper fire. Felt a little motion sickness from the jet video turned it off half way.

        I agree hey. I actually thought "hey, so the other video they just went slowly to make it look cool?" and then he died. It was a very Xbox mentality to run out like that.

    So this is why they've never use footage from console versions. I am genuinely worried about this game now, and Riccetelo's smack talks seems even more pretentious now.

    I actually like that, what I can only assume is alpha, Fault Line footage. It looks like TF2... and that's awesome.

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