Video Game High Fives Get Super Awkward

Video Game High Fives Get Super Awkward

This awkward free throw moment brought to you by NBA 2K14. Aw, it's ok buddy. We've all been there. (Via dolocation, reddit)


    Nice to see that NBA 2K14 has something in common with 2K13. Seems they never get around to fixing that bug.

    I'd be sad if they ever got rid of it...


        On occasion when taking free throws the player at the line doesn't move but goes for the fives. The lane rebounders do the same.

        I had to watch this one again and yep, taking the piss, definitely not a bug.

    Isn't a bug. Is making fun of Kevin Love's failed high five a couple of years ago

    They should add the Andrew Bogut one in too

      A.K.A. The Ghost Hi-Five. Lol, I remember both of them from a couple of seasons ago. Classic stuff!

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