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Batman is out this week? What the hell! That snuck up on me.

Batman: Arkham Origins (360/PS3/PC)

What is it? Yep, I bet you forgot this was coming out this week. Great looking game flying seriously under the radar. Should you care? The early stuff I've seen looks great. Absolutely loved what I've seen of this game so far.

Batman: Arkham Origins - Blackgate (PS Vita)

What is it? A 2.5D Batman game designed specifically for handhelds. Should you care? I'm not too across this one to be honest. Again, flying under the radar. A lot of people are excited about this one though. Definitely worth investigating.

Defense Technica (PC)

What is it? Pretty hardcore Tower Defence effort Should you care? It's already available on mobile devices and people seem to really dig it there....

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut (Wii U)

What is it? It's a very old game now released on the Wii U with some pretty cool upgrades. Should you care? Might be worth it for the Gamepad integration? But only if you haven't played it before I suspect...

Edna & Harvey: The Breakout (PC)

What is it? An adventure game about a woman and her toy rabbit. Should you care? This didn't review that well and, with a host of decent adventure games being released, you might want to skip this one.

Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (360/3DS)

What is it? Ninja Turtles in on Nickelodeon now? What is going on... Should you care? I'd give it a miss, your mileage may vary.

Rocksmith 2014 (360/PS3/PC)

What is it? It's the Guitar Hero thing that actually teaches you how to play proper guitar. Should you care? Very niche and specific, but also pretty cool.

Spongebob Squarepants: Plankton's Robotic Revenge (360)

What is it? Spongebob gets another game that's probably mediocre. Should you care? Probably mediocre!

The Guided Fate Paradox (PS3)

What is it? It's a JRPG, but a bit of a dungeon crawler. A lot like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon apparently. Should you care? I don't know enough about this to be perfectly honest.

The Sims 3: Into the Future Limited Edition (PC)

What is it? The Sims 3 expansions keep on coming... Should you care? Wait for The Sims 4. I would.

WRC FIA World Rally Championship 4 (360/PS3)

What is it? One of them there licensed racing games. Should you care? Unless you’re really interested in the license I think there are better racing titles on the market.


    Also, the new Phoenix Wright is coming out on Friday IIRC

      i thought it was thursday? or are we getting it a day late for dumb reasons?

        eShop says 24th but says 25th.
        I hope it's the 24th.

          everywhere else says the 24th, hell capcoms blog says the 24th

            Yes because it comes out a Midnight on Thursday, aka 00:00 on Friday.

            Friday the 25th.

            If I put the 24th everyone be going all 'Where's the game Vook, why hasn't the eShop got the game, you lied, you're a liar, I hate you'.

            I still will get waiting for eShop tweets all day too though.

            Last edited 21/10/13 6:59 pm


      I read somewhere that it was pushed to November.

      I'm fairly certain that was delayed until late November. OK I decided to not be lazy and I looked it up :)

      Looks like I'll possibly be buying a Vita game the same day I buy an Xbone...

      Tearway was delayed months ago to halfway through November.

    Even though I loved the previous games, I'm not interested in the latest Batman game at all. New developer, a prequel at the same time? Possibly means they won't try anything new and spend too much time playing it safe. I bet the plot twist in the game will be it was the Joker all along.

      Yeah I love the previous Arkham games but I think I'll be waiting for the reviews on this one, whereas I pre-ordered City.

      I'm already hearing some negatives about it, re-used level design and such. One person commented that it feels like it should have been Arkham City DLC.

      It looks like they're doing the opposite - this looks a lot better than City was.

    When it says Edna and Harvey: The Breakout is out this week, does that mean on Steam? It's been out on for quite a while now. I haven't actually gotten around to playing it yet, but if you liked Harvey's New Eyes and want to know more about Edna and Dr Marcel, it will explain a bunch of things.

    It's probably worth mentioning that Guided Fate Paradox is the spiritual successor to Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger VS Darkdeath Evilman as well.

    An adventure game about a woman and her toy rabbit.


      Good, so i'm not the only one that thought it.

      The gameplay for such a game would be a thing to see.

    Perfect timing, moving this weekend so no internet for teh next week which means arkham origins all the way :D

    Last edited 21/10/13 11:25 am

      Then you find out it needs internet activation, you're doomed!

    I love it how they delay the WiiU version of batman. Its only 2 weeks but that's going to affect sales massively! Then the third party companies will whinge that the wiiU third party games sell badly so they don't want to make more games for it.

    stop being dicks. Not helping the problem

      Imagine the outrage if Arkham Origins was delayed on XBOX 360/PS3 to wait for the Wii U version. There'd be riots. =P

    This Week in Games - The "Serrels has no hype for you" Edition.
    Serrels dude, you sound very down and negative about this week's releases... Need more Porridge?

      Need more Porridge?
      Nice misspell of Lager there.

      Yeah, cheer up Mark! Have an Irn-Bru!

    Just a note on Deus Ex, apparently the director's cut is coming to PS3, 360 and PC at some stage. Although from what I read, it's a $5 upgrade, not a free patch. Kinda annoying since I own all the DLC and would only be buying for the new game plus and revised boss fights.

    As for Batman, huge fan of the first two, but I'm going to wait for some opinions of the game before I consider buying it. The fact that development was given to a new company did not fill me with confidence, I'm sure they will do a good job, but I don't want to be burnt again like Halo 4.

      It's only $5 if you own the Missing Link dlc.
      If like me you got the expensive collectors edition at launch you need to spend $10 for the Directors Cut which pisses me off.

        There will also probably be an AU tax as well, meaning it'll be $10 or $15 depending on what you own.

    Seriously? Damnit. I spent all weekend playing games and barely made a dent in my games pile. I got in about 10 minutes of Wind Waker before deciding to turn it off and play it when I get the chance to play it exclusively from start to finish. At this rate that'll be in 20XX...

      How much of that was Pokemon? I think I saw you logged in a few times! My in-game handle is Bruce C by the way. I was going to start a trade but I was constantly opening and closing the 3DS to get a few minutes in.

        Tons. I just never remember to hit connect to the internet after I've been disconnected. I've got about 15 eggs for you waiting in storage so if you want the lot it'll take a while to transfer. Just open up a trade if you see me on. I'm at work during the day so the 3DS is left on the charger at my desk, but I'm usually close enough to hear it beep.

    What is it? One of them there licensed racing games.
    Should you care? Unless you’re really interested in the license I think there are better racing titles on the market.

    ... I hope you're joking, right? Better racing games on the market? You care to enlighten us? Please don't tell me Need For Speed, or I might have to poke out my eyes.

    Last edited 21/10/13 12:10 pm

      I'm guessing Mark may mean better games like the upcoming GT6 and Forza 5. However, none of them are actually rally games. Maybe a small oversight with the comment. I played the demo of WRC 4 on PS3 the other night and it was really quite good. I miss the days of there being plenty of *actual* rally games to choose from. I grew up playing V-Rally, Sega Rally, Colin McRae, Rallisport Challenge etc. It annoys me that the Dirt series has moved away from rally and more into other disciplines (or dude bro trick racing shit). Dirt 3 was an improvement over Dirt 2 (which was horrible and full of bmx riders pretending to be drivers) but where is the series now? The last entry wasn't even rally at all. I'd like to think Dirt 4 is in development somewhere and it's going back to its Colin McRae roots.

    Na na na na na na BATMAN!
    Can't Wait to play it on my PC. If the Vita one is good I'll get that too!

    Rocksmith 2014! Very awesome for anyone looking to start guitar. It does work as long as you put the time in. I 100% recommend it to practically anyone and every one keen on learning guitar. My Girlfriend (who doesn't play games at all) even found it very useful to help her learn Bass guitar.

    I understand that it now has lessons as well, so it should be more effective in teaching some one with less starting knowledge than the previous one.

    It's improved my playing an absolute shit tonne. For reference I could play a few very basic songs (mainly made up of chords) and not much more. Now I can play Pearl Jam's alive nearly 100% off memory reasonably fluidly, after putting in around 300 hours over the last year.

    You can also get a $200 bundle with a basic electric guitar, the game and the cable.

    I recommend PC and advise anyone who is keen to also jump on the rocksmith subreddit and they can find their way to the custom songs (community tabbed ones that aren't available officially).

    @markserrels: Arkham Origins: Blackgate is a side-scrolling Metroidvania game built by Armature, who are a group of Retro Studios veterans that worked on the Metroid Prime games. Same director, art director and technology lead. I'm surprised you're not keeping an eye on it given that pedigree.

    Blackgate or bust! Far more interested in this than the console version. As long as the game isn't a steaming pile, then I will be all over it!

    Of course it snuck up on you, it's Batman.
    You're lucky you even spotted it this soon, most henchmen don't even see it coming before they get a bat-boot to the back of the head.

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