Toy Story In Space Brings The Disney Infinity Saga Full Circle

It was Avalanche Software's innovative Toy Box Mode for the Toy Story 3 video game tie-in that lead to the creation of the toy-driven Disney Infinity. Next week Buzz, Woody and Jessie come home, and it goes a little something like this.

Priced at somewhere between $US35 and $US40 when it hit store shelves next week, the Toy Story in Space playset for Disney Infinity might as well be downloadable content for the Toy Story 3 game. The two core titles share assets as well as inspiration, so the world isn't very far removed from the 2010 release.

The set comes with two characters, Buzz Lightyear and Jessie, so two players can wander this strange, alien planet together. While I was a bit confused about it in the video above, Buzz and Jessie are a couple, so it makes sense they be encased in plastic together, while Woody is forever sold separately.

Toy Story in Space Brings The Disney Infinity Saga Full Circle

The Toy Story in Space playset for Disney Infinity hits stores on October 22. If you're a player that's anything like me, you're starving for more adventure content at this point, and would buy it if it contained two plastic poop figures on collectible bases.


    Sorry, but LGMs (Little Green Men) are not yellow :P

    Last edited 18/10/13 9:41 pm

    Fahey you make soooo many mistakes in this video

    Jessie is Buzz Lightyears girlfriend this is common knowledge because woody is with little bo peep since the first toy story film

    Now you saying woody is not included because he is unwanted is wrong in so many ways... he was sold seperately because nobody would buy jessie seperately, whereas they are being smart in selling woody seperately to make more $$$

    I don't expect any better from you as you are playing it on ps3 the platform that is horrendously glitchy with most games and still is for Infinity

      Raze35, fiction is NEVER common knowledge, nor is it a survival skill. Pull your head out of your ass and find pride in something that will actually help you survive in this world. I take that back, court jesters survived by telling stories, maybe you should look into that profession, ass clown.

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