Video Ezy Taking 20% Off All Games

It's a little known fact that Video Ezy actually runs its own parallel imports online store here in Australia and actually does some incredible deals. At the moment the online store is taking 20% off its range. Wind Waker HD for under $54? Beyond: Two Souls for under $53? Yep, that's a pretty good price...

You can head here to check out the range. Most of the big new upcoming releases are part of the sale. So it's well worth checking out. Pokemon X and Y, Battlefield 4, Watch Dogs, Grand Theft Auto V. No idea of stock or how long delivery takes, but if you're looking to save a few bucks, look no further.

Thanks Batguy!


    It's a little known fact that Video Ezy..... still exists.....

      My local stores is going out of business and having a massive closing down sale.

      When I went in there what little used games they had on sale were mostly tagged with prices ranging from $40-$50... More expensive than some of these freaking new releases that you can buy on their website!!

        Are you sure they were ex-rental? I know my local Video Ezy sold games new. The prices weren't anything special but they weren't ridiculous either.

          Listen here you two crazy's.... You'll next be telling me there is also a Civic Video in your area as well!

            It's a weird feeling going into one of them and hiring something. Have you ever had to go inside your old primary school? It's like that. You remember it making perfect sense at the time, you know that back then you fit into it all, but there's still this weird disconnect between it and your memory.

              Lol. I go down to my local blockbuster all the time. Mondays and tuesdays all new releases are $2. So much better watching a blu-ray than a download.

    I had no idea video ezy still existed in any form. Colour me surprised.

      They even have DVD vending machines at my local shopping centre.

    It took them nearly 4 weeks to get the last of us to my door. Not really interested in waiting that long again!

    Delivery takes anywhere from a week to four weeks at most. It's the same backer to WOWHD, and those similar cheap games from other country websites.

      Not correct, WOWHD are owned by a different entity according the Wiki (ok, not the best source I know) however BlockBuster and EzyDVD are the same mob as VideoEzy. Also EzyDVD are having this 20% sale, haven't checked BlockBuster to confirm.
      I ordered a few games, I'm happy to wait the week or two as it is a good price. Not like they won't sit on the shelf when I get them anyway.

    Man that is tempting - Zelda WW HD, also Pikmin 3 and Fire Emblem for ~$45.

    I heard the shipping times are atrocious, but I can be patient for those prices.

      So why can't you wait until they hit $25 ea? :P

        Because first party Nintendo games rarely, if ever, hit those prices.

          Damn, touche.

          SMB Wii is still $79. I picked up SMB WiiU for <$35, original price <$70. That confuses me.

        Yah what batguy says. I'm really tempted to pick up zelda now even though I was going to wait for xmas cos we might not see this price again, at all. It's a really good price.

      I ordered a CD from them, all their stuff is shipped from Hong Kong so customs like being complete dicks, from day of shipping to day of receiving the actual CD, was about 13 days in the end.

    Delivery is around 1 week if they have it in stock already. Else they will despatch the item from Hong kong which will take approximately 2 weeks until you get the game.

    Preordered Watch Dogs (PC) through them the other day...$34! Can't beat that even online. I don't mind waiting a few days after the release to get it.

    I've bought from them a few times this year. Ships from Hong Kong but are UK releases, usually takes around 2 weeks for me. Worth it when they have the 20% off, especially as Ozgameshop have bumped up their prices over the last year or so.

      Noticed that about OGS. If anyone wants GTA5, you're better off getting it from Video Ezy as its $10 cheaper

    I've read on some bargain sites that their delivery times can be long. Just something to consider. You might be better off just importing from OGS or playasia or something.

    Watch dogs PC for $32 hell yes.

      lol I say this - can it be right? That's cray cray :P

        I've actually purchased stuff from them during a sale a few months ago (maybe last year). The prices are ok, during sales they are very good.
        Shipping is not much faster than getting it from the UK but sometimes you get better deals.

    Tomb Raider for $23 delivered .... Don't mind if I do!

    Hey they have wind waker as releasing today?? Is that right? I thought it was tomorrow?

    I preordered Wind Waker HD from them a week ago, for $56. Then they dropped it down to $53. Today I checked my order status and it said the game was on backorder. Get it from BigW IMO, they have AU stock for $68.

    These better not turn out to be ex-rentals or something, just preordered every console exclusive for the Xbone and PS4. My wallet is crying, haven't even paid off the consoles yet.

      First off - wow, impressed :) but you should be safe, all the games I've bought from there have been factory sealed UK/EU editions.

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