What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Maybe it's time to play a new game?

Guys? Guys...?

I've spent a fair amount of time playing Grand Theft Auto V over the last week or so, but I have an eary copy of Beyond: Two Souls on my desk. I also have The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD. Bloody hell, it's starting again, isn't it? The Christmas rush.

I'm getting the sweats. The video game overload sweats.

I don't know what to play this weekend. I'm really not sure. But to be perfectly honest, I think I need a little break from GTA V. I like it, don't get me wrong, but I've never been a super fan of the series and Wind Waker? Well, I think that's one of the greatest games ever made and I'm really excited about playing through it for the third time.

So yeah, I'll be playing Wind Waker over the weekend. How about you?


    GTA, Online or otherwise

    Board games on Sunday, followed by either D&D or Numenera.

      Exactly. GTA:V last weekend, GTAO this one. New game!

        Fo shizz my nizz!

        I'm going to be seriously sleep deprived...

      GTA:O if things remain stable.. I got about an hour of gametime in last night and really enjoyed it.. most of the time I am spending my time avoiding people and trying to just be a small time criminal with no connection to other people.. that in itself has been fun, for now. Later I'll join a crew.. but for now, just go it alone.. it's a bit like an extension of the single player game for me at this point.

      I just jumped into GTA:O just before and was a little overwhelming... not sure how to join a crew but I can see it being a lot of fun if with the right people. Have we got a Kotaku crew going? I'm assuming you'd really need a headset to make it all work smoothly? I just tried to stay away from everyone as they're all quite violent, can't a man just rob a store without being ambushed!?!

        There's a Kotaku AU group and a Potaku group- just search KOAU or PTKU in the rockstar social club!

          I couldn't find either on the Social Club :( am I not social enough to be in the social club?

    Definitely Wind Waker, I'm going to try to knock it out of the park before Beyond: Two Souls / Pokémon X/Y so I might be a little rushed.

      You make a good point. I was going to wait for Wind Waker but X/Y hits soon and by the time I'm done with them there will be even more waiting.

    Probably some Card Hunter. I might also finally, FINALLY finish off The Last Of Us.

    The (Fab) 48 Hour Game Making Comp. http://48hrgamecomp.com

    Wish us all luck!

    (Shameless Plug :D)

    Yesterday, I killed Gravelord Nito and lost many games of Dota.

    I expect I'll do similar things this weekend. Also board games, although that's probably happening on Monday.

      You work out not to use a light so he doesn't spam the sword out of the ground attack?

        I worked out that if you put on Stone Armour and walked up to Nito, he absolutely melted to Dark Bead.

        It seemed like simpler approach.

    Managed to get the O in GTAO going last night. Passed the tutorials, might actually play it some more if I can find some crew-mates online!

    Lego City Undercover is still pretty sweet.

    And I've ordered Wind Waker from http://www.videoezy.com.au/games so it's probably gonna take a while to arrive. But guys, $55! All their games are import prices, and currently 20% off! It's ker-azy!!

      Also, everybody with a 3DS needs to download the Phoenix Wright demo. It's fantastic!!

        You know its a great demo when the characters break the fourth wall and mention it lol

      Add me on Live/Social Club my good man! Invite sent already.

        Invite already accepted days ago!

          Doh! I'm as blind as a bat. :P

            Yeh.. I'm looking for a crew of "mature" players.. it's a bit immature ocean out there.. and I never really ever got a decent list of friends on PSN over the years.. only a couple even have GTAV

              Dang, I'm on 360. The guys I play with are pretty good. Well, we had a couple of silly moments, but it's generally been quite good.

              (Discounting the fact that my character is naked and wearing a pig's head...) :P

    If you don't think you'll be able to play Beyond Mark, I'll gladly check it out for you.

    If I can get GTA online working at the same time as my housemate, I'll be playing that ... if not, drinking and playing more Aliens Colonial Marines

      Did you lose a bet?

        Nah, it was cheap and I wanted to see how bad it was. Plus drunk co-op in a terrible game is a hell of a thing

    Windwaker tomorrow and probably a bit of gtav and dota

    Bought Rain last night, so I'll give that a go. And a bit more Skyrim, too.

    I'm up in the air as to whether I buy a 3DS or Wii U. Guys?!

    Note: I only really want a Nintendo console for Smash Bros & Mario (although Zelda OoT on 3DS is a big pull factor for me.)

      very hard call. I have both and love both. WindWaker and the new 3D mario in November are strong cases for the wiiU. Plus the normally new super mario brothers.

      Although there are 2 amazing mario games and zelda oot on the 3DS. lets not forge links awakening 2 and many other marioish like games

      Lets settle on the wiiU ;)

      I have a Wii U and about to buy a 3DS, I honestly don't know what the right answer to your question should be though.

      If you ever think you might ever have some local multiplayer it should be a no-brainer though,

      List all the games you want to buy, current and upcoming. See what ones you want more, what list is longer.

      Or buy both.

      I was leaning towards 3DS tbh, but now that I've just seen the new Mario game article, I'm back to square one. First world problems. :'(

      I brought a Wii U the other day and it's essentially the DS XXXXXL, in a good way. It doesn't sound that impressive, but it's pretty awesome being able to just go 'well, I think I'll stop playing on the TV and go sit out the back in the sun', then turn off the TV via the gamepad's universal remote and walk out the room. If I change my mind I go back in and turn on the TV without ever putting the gamepad down.
      I really hope Microsoft and Sony pay attention to how seamlessly the Wii U does this sort of stuff. It's only a little thing, but because you can use the universal remote functionality with the Wii U turned off it's completely replaced my TV remote. Having a good charging dock included with the system, one that also works completely independently of the system (plus it into the wall anywhere you want, even skip the dock and just plug the gamepad in if you want), is another little thing that makes it fit in with my existing setup perfectly. I'm not holding my breath, but if the PS4 and XBOX One came with sweet docks like that I'd be a happy man.
      The backwards compatibility for Wii games is pretty good. You can use the gamepad screen alone to play them which works surprisingly well. That bulks the library up if you're like me and sort of skipped the majority of Wii exclusives.

      All that said personally I'd go with the 3DS XL if I had to choose between the two. The DS+3DS library is massive. Even though they've said they aren't dropping the price here I'd still expect a Wii U price drop sooner rather than later so waiting probably isn't a terrible idea.
      If you do go for the Wii U the best value I found was JB Hi-Fi's Monster Hunter 3 pack. It has black Wii U, plus the Pro controller and a game for a bit less than your standard Wii U.

      Last edited 04/10/13 2:56 pm

        Can you stream video from your PC to your WiiU?

          I don't think so, at least not out of the box. There's a YouTube player in there which I'd imagine can be exploited to clumsily stream from your PC to Wii U, but I haven't looked into it so you'd have to investigate that one yourself. The Wii U probably doesn't have much of a scene for that stuff so I wouldn't get my hopes up. As much as I complain about the XBOX 360 and PS3 having laughably bad media players I'm forced to admit that at least they have something that will play videos/music.

          Fingers crossed that the Nintendo (or someone else via the Shop) adds that functionality down the road. The gamepad screen has built in speakers/headphone jack and independent volume control, so it'd be perfect if you were watching a movie on the TV and someone else wanted to watch a show/play a game on another console. You'd be able to just let them do what they want on the TV and continue watching your movie on the hand held screen without missing a beat (similar to the XBOX Glass 'play it on...' functionality, except totally seamless).

          I didn't care when my GameCube couldn't play DVDs, and I understand they don't want to build a complicated device, but it seems stupid at this point because the Wii U hardware would do it all so naturally. It comes with a pretty advanced tablet/gamepad hybrid, so why not do at least some of the stuff tablets are built for? It's a wasted opportunity.

    Disgaea D2, and probably some D3 and Etrian Odyssey IV. I kind of want to check out the Terraria 1.2 patch as well. I've also been listening to the soundtrack for "The Path" and feel like I want to play it again. Decisions, decisions...

    Slogging my way through tropical jungles in Far Cry 3 (thanks PSN+!)

      Man, I really wanna play it, but I don't know if I'll be disappointed with the visuals. I have a PC that can handle max on 30inch screen, but I don't own the game. WAT DO?! :(

    Just started playing Metal Gear Solid 3 for the first time. I'll be playing that until Wind Waker (hopefully) arrives from Game UK. It says shipped, so it's looking like mine won't be cancelled. *fingers crossed*

      I'm stiiiiiillll in a dreeeeaaaaammmmmm
      Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeee EEEEEEEaaaaaaaaatttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    Probably not GTA online (my girlfriend is home all weekend).

    Maybe some Rainbow Six: Vegas and Fallout 3.

    A speedy play through of Wind Waker followed by a dash of Pokémon X & Y next week.

    Hopefully GTA online if it starts working properly, but there's only so much time I can spend robbing convenience stores and having random street shootout with bastard pre-orderers with far superior guns.

    Last edited 04/10/13 11:47 am

    GTAO obviously. I'll even let the missus have a go, because she keeps begging me to. She loved just exploring the world in single player.

    Thinking of picking up F12013 with the classic stuff in it. Bit pricey though, I should probably wait for a steam sale. Looks cool though and I am in my 4th season on 2012, so I am sure I will get my monies worth. argh, the conflict within. I think i might put some time into State Of Decay this weekend too, it seems to be growing on me, the cheapness of the PC port is starting to get to me however. Was really hoping for Dayz SA for this weekend too, more waiting required.

    Mass effect with the missus because she is obsessed! Definitely not complaining though!

    Battlefield 4 Beta!
    Knifing fools and chewing bubblegum, and i'm all out of teeth.

    GTA V (PS3).
    Wind Waker on GCN :)
    Shadow Warrior - PC

    GTA V is king, obviously... But I think Ni No Kuni may be calling me back :-/

    I might put some more hours into BF4 Beta.

      thats right, i got MOH, but never opened it.... i assume the beta is live for consoles?

    Not playing anything....going bloody camping....*sigh*

      Haha! So am I, but unlike you I'm happy about it. No moon on Saturday! The stars will look awesome out there!

        I like camping. I love the great outdoors. I know it will be a great time. But then there's GTA V...a whole weekend without GTA V! *sigh* Hehe....

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