What Are You Playing This Weekend

I'm not really too sure precisely what I can and can't say about what I'll be playing this weekend, so I'll just say I'm pretty excited and you'll hear/read more next weekend! And with that tease I'll ask you guys and girls: what are you playing at the moment?

I've spent the last couple of weeks exclusive on Wind Waker HD and Pikmin 3. It's sort of felt like a little GameCube revival. Before the release of those games I had been playing some Metroid Prime so it was sort of fitting.

Pikmin 3 I almost had to stop playing! I was putting way too much pressure on myself to be efficient — I kept restarting days, strategising. It's a hangover from the original Pikmin and its time limit I think. Wind Waker HD is a game so glorious it's almost worth buying a Wii U for. How often can you say that about a HD remake? It's just otherworldly how good that game looks and feels to play 12 years later. Absolutely incredible.

Anyway, let us know what you're playing in the comments below!


    I’m not really too sure precisely what I can and can’t say about what I’ll be playing this weekend, so I’ll just say I’m pretty excited and you’ll hear/read more next weekend!

    Ok, you're obviously playing some XBox One and/or PS4 and are under embargo. Lucky you.

    As for me, I'll be playing Lego Marvel Super Heroes, Continuing with Batman: Arkham Origins (hopefully I'll finish it this weekend), and maybe some Battlefield 4.

      Xbox. PS4 has no embargo. :P

        What about that game Sony is gonna announce tonight? There'd be an embargo for that surely.

          I don't think he'd be playing yet it if they are announcing it tonight :-P

            Where I'm going there's no use for your precious logic!

    Maybe Halo: Reach or ODST. Dragons Crown, probably some games I haven't had a chance to play.

    Also busy with a Warmachine tournament and league.

    Given Illness has awarded me with a four day weekend on my payday... I'm not sure. Maybe Ni No Kuni or GTAV. Or I might go out and pick up Diablo 3 or AC4... But then what will I get myself for Xmas? #firstworldproblems

    I love that I can't really tell the difference between Wind Waker and Wind Waker HD thanks to how long it's been, I don't remember SD being awful so it feels like it was this crisp when I first played it, but it still feels fantastic and fresh to just look at the game. It actually does live up to the nostalgia for me. In a lot of ways I'm just playing Wind Waker again and it's great.

    As for what I'm playing this weekend... I've got no idea. All these releases and games I've had to miss are blurring together. I'm thinking Arkham Origins but even though I've heard it's less I'd rather not rush my way through it.

    A bit of SWTOR but mainly OMG BURIAL AT SEA GAHHH *homer-drool*

    I'll probably be playing a mix of Guided Fate Paradox, XCOM: Enemy Within, Etrian Odyssey IV and Gravity Rush.

    No games to be played at the moment. I'll be refreshing GOG every day for Goodbye Deponia and Steam every day for The Walking Dead 2 though.

    Shockingly, BOARD GAMES but also going to have to play some Dota 2.

    Two new heroes, one of which looks insanely fun, and a new mode so that I can unlock hats? Awww yeah, that's my jam!

      Dude I'm not sure if you're aware but this is an electronic games site. You playing boardgames is about as relevant as me playing cricket...desist.

    Ass Creed Brotherhood is in the tray, also I want to check out GTA Online after a week away but I have become hopelessly addicted to COD (BO2) once I got good enough to earn score streaks and not get killed every other second!

    Likely a lot of Path of Exile. Haven't played it since it was in beta, and didn't really care for it that much, then. But I'm giving it another shot, mainly as a way of distracting myself from the fact that the PS4 won't release for another two weeks... and I really really want to play AC4, but want to wait for the PS4 release....

    Might go back and play some AC3, as I picked it up for about $12 on gamersgate this morning (to anyone interested, they're doing a sale on AC games, AC4 and LibHD excluded).

    Killzone 3 (getting back into it) and GTA 5 / Online

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    Gotta get more done in AC4 - Keep just plundering ships! Maybe a bit of GTA online depending who's online - Thinking of picking up BF4 but may just wait for next gen now its so close!

    I've only recently gotten into World Of Warcraft, I'd steered clear this whole time!
    The addiction has begun..

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    LEGO marvel with my gf and then hopefully finishing Wind Waker HD

    I'm currently at Snowpeak mountain in LOZ: Twilight Princess.

    Hopefully, I can get started on Alpha Protocol next week.

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    I bought a new rig recently. I've played it before, but I decided today to have a go on Crysis. See if it holds up. I remember really enjoying the first 2/3rds of the campaign.

    Probably some Wind Waker while gf is working, GTA Online for when friends are online, and perhaps some Crysis Warhead on PC to have a break (need to finish that game after not touching it for 2-3yrs).

      Go for it. It doesn't take long to finish. I loved it, playing stealth makes that game A+

        Cool, thanks. I think I'm over half finished. I definitely enjoyed it, and #1. I also own 2 & 3 so I can finish off the series. :P

          I loved the Crysis Wars multiplayer. I wish people still played it. I didn't like the Crysis 2 multiplayer nearly as much. Haven't played Crysis 3 multiplayer, so can't comment.

    Going to Gold Coast with GF tomorrow for a week. But in my heart I'll be playing WW HD!

    I'll probably get back into achievement whoring in bioshock infinite's main story. need a few more collectables, kill x amount of enemies with x weapon and the 1999 mode achievements

    Dark souls on pc. Finally got it all running properly with ps3 controller and motioninjoy (though the game still has xbox button prompts.. ) and the DSFix to let me play at 1920 instead of the crappy 1024. Worst port ever, but really fantastic game. Already died a bunch by foolishly trying to fight the skels down to the left of the first bonfire. Mistake lol, but in the right area now, up the steps to the right.
    Also having a mini dota 2 tournament with a bunch of mates. $10 entry pp, winners team splits the cash, but to be honest i am sure it will be spent on beer for all regardless of who wins.
    Should be good fun :)

    Finally getting around to castlevania los this weekend, going to be gooood

    DOTA 2!


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    I'm thinking some Banjo Kazooie and Skyrim. Maybe some Mass Effect 3.

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