What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What am I playing this weekend? Where do I start. I have so many half started games, unfinished games — and so little time to play. Maybe I should ask the same question of you! What are you playing this weekend?

For me, right now, it's all about the Wii U. I've been playing Wind Waker HD and just last night I started playing Pikmin 3, which I'm already in love with. I'd been meaning to play Pikmin 3 for the longest time and now that I've gotten started I've no idea what took me so long to get kicking.

Also, I have a fully charged 3DS XL with Pokemon X in it right now. I've never played a Pokemon game ever and I'm really to pull the trigger. Hopefully I'll get some time with all of them this weekend.

What are you all getting up to?


    I've been dropping hints to my wife for our 1 year anniversary, so on Sunday I'll either be playing Wind Waker or Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge.

      neither of those are made out of paper, I'm afraid ;)

        Traditional gifts?... Are you insane?... If we wanted traditional we wouldn't have danced to Master of Puppets at the reception.

          Call me old fashioned, but I like the quaintness of the traditional gifts. I've got leather coming up in a few weeks.

            Just did leather a few weeks ago... I had a package that wifey collected from the post office. She didn't open it, but asked when I got home if it was the whip for our anniversary... o_O

    BOARD GAMES tomorrow with whoever wants to show up and I'm also trying to see what all the fuss is about with sports games.

    I picked up Madden 25 yesterday (which was surprisingly difficult, nobody had it). Just tried my first game and gave up after the first quarter. There's a lot of assumed knowledge.

    Going through the game manual (which is in the pause menu, not the box) right now to see how it all works. There's a showboat button. That's about all that has sunk in.

      Yeah I keep trying demo each year hoping it will click but it never does

        I took so long working out how to try and start my first offensive play that I got a flag.

        I don't mind telling you, I'm amazing at getting flags. If this was Assassin's Creed, I'd have unlocked an achievement already.

    Batman: Arkham Origins, that is all.

      I'm picking my copy up in half an hour. Then I'll be staring at it waiting for the working day to be over

        Just picked mine up, can't play till at least tomorrow night though, damn work and family grrrr!

    I have to admit it.....
    Pokemon Y has me hooked

      Pokemon X had me hooked big time!

      Now I have hearthstone beta... new vice.

      Anyway, if anyone wants to add me to increase friend safari possibilities, just post back your friend code. Mine is 4553-9986-2306

        Ill get my code off my 3DS tonight and post it here

        Edit: 2638-0730-2444

        Last edited 25/10/13 5:19 pm

    I miraculously managed to fit in time with Wind Waker, GTA V AND Pokemon X last weekend. So I've decided to up the degree of difficulty by proceeding with all of them, and throwing Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies in the mix as well.

    Surprisingly uninterested in Batman, so that can wait till it goes on sale next year.

    Pokeymans! Y!

    And probably some GTA V and some Magic on sunday

    Board games on Saturday and Pathfinder tabletop RPG on Sunday. Oh you meant video games...

    Maybe a little Pokemon but that's about it.

    Prototype 2 is in the machine right now then probably GTA Online


    If I get some time in front of the TV, maybe a bit more Wind Waker. Screw the dungeons, I'm picking up where I left off on the Cube with the side quests.

    Arkham Origins! WOOOO! Also going to Fright Night at Movie World this weekend to ride Arkham Asylum Shock Therapy Roller Coaster in the dark! :D

    Gigs (if you're in Melbourne come to Idiotfest tomorrow night!)

    Also picking up Arkham Origins so that if I get time :)

    I am returning to Pokemon for the first time since Red. It's weird.

    Though I gotta try not get distracted too much and get working on a Halloween outfit idea.

    Thinking I'll go pick up by Collector's Edition of Arkham Origins at lunch! :D Although I don't know if I'll get the time to play it until Sunday :(

    Maybe some Dragon's Crown with friends, and then a mix of Disgaea D2, Guided Fate Paradox and Etrian Odyssey IV. I'm also slotting in quick plays of Evoland here and there so I may finish that this weekend.

    I have nfi. Kinda in gaming limbo. I might try out the Stanley Parable if I gain some motivation.

    Mark, have you tried Pikmin with the WiiMote? It's the only way to play.

      That's how I'm playing -- wiimote with the Gamepad next to me like a tablet!

    Ace Attorney : Dual Destinies, possibly also Batman Origins.

    Arkham Origins - played the opening this morning before work, and I'm loving the changes to the fighting mechanics, mainly because I always misjudged how long it would take to perform a move vs how long before the other guy hit me in previous games, leading to frustrations at not being able to counter at times. Those far better at judging timing will most likely hate the changes as they make it far easier. The $50 price tag, combined with the gadgets at your disposal and the enemies you fight in (ostensibly) the tutorial mission, make me worry about its pacing, tho. I hope it doesn't end up being a short campaign that relies on replayability and score-based challenges... But the visibility of NG+ and "I am the dark night" (iirc - it's something like that, essentially NG++) worry me further about the length of this game...
    Might go on a "story-game" binge if I get time. I've got Dear Esther and Stanley Parable loaded and ready to go, and from what I hear, they're pretty short, so will probably be able to find the time. Beyond Two Souls will likely be waiting another week for me to get back to it.

    Magic: The Gathering with mates.

    I have 6 decks based around Deadeye Navigator. My goal this weekend is to see if i can get this card House Banned.

    Other than that, glorious Pokems.

    Batman Arkham Origins.

    Played an hour or so of it this morning before work and I liked what I saw.

    Continuing my Super Mario Galaxy journey. 72 stars acquired so far. This comes with a side of 'Black Ops II' for the ps3.

    Probably GTA III lol, I have so many newer games I haven't started, but I decided to go back and play this for a while... logical right.

    Xinput Mod makes it fun to play with a controller. Shooting is hard though, the lock on system is pretty awful and no free aim, oh wells.

    Torchlight :D

      8.5 hrs in, such a grind.... I wonder how far I am from end?

        There are 35 floors, I'm only up to 20 (i think) and 11.5 hours in. Bit more to go yet!

          Man. :( How do you do it? It's getting to the point where it's just mindless grinding now.

    I'll be playing the classic game 'Studying for exams and crying myself to sleep'.

    Once all that is done i'll be playing X &Y, FTL, and if my friends get back into it FF: A Realm Reborn.

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