What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Now that I'm done with World of Warcraft for a while, a whole new world of possibility has opened up. What should I play people? Any suggestions?

I've started playing Valiant Hearts again but, to be perfectly honest, I've been finding it a little bit dull. This is in spite of loving the art style. I don't know, I guess I just expected better writing because of that goddamn amazing trailer. I guess I don't think this game needs to have some silly pantomime villain when it's about World War I.

Still, I might persevere. See how I go.

I'm also considering starting up The Last of Us again with the remastered version. I'm finding it hard to motivate myself for that one though.

And I'd also like to finish off Wind Waker HD or maybe even Pikmin 3? I have a lot of games to knock off actually. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is another one. I was loving that game to death — no idea why I stopped playing.

Anyway, a lot for me to catch up on. What are you playing this weekend?


    Probably going to stream some more Binding of Isaac, trying to adjust to using a Playstation 1 controller.

    WoW as always... and since reading the article on Kotaku this morning i will be playing the heck out of the Warcraft Alliance and Horde mod on Starcraft 2 Arcade.

    I'll be playing some Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds with friends and then a mix of Project X-Zone, BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma and Ultra SFIV.

    Like you I have The Last Of Us Remastered and am finding it hard to start up again, played the other day for 2 hours but lost interest even though it is amazing? not sure why it doesn't feel the same this time round.

    Also might give Shovel Knight a shot and I have a massive backlog of PC Games from the Steam sales still

    I have a Warmachine/Hordes tournament in Melbourne at 9 AM tomorrow. It's single list, 35 points with 10 point specialist list. So I have to think of a list that covers overall oppositions rather than building a trait list. Gonna take Motherwracking epic Reznik for another spin.

    Other then that, maybe Halo: Reach or Crysis 3 (360), or checking out my backlog.

    I was thinking about playing my 2DS, but because my unit blew up I may or may not have watched Nintendo/Capcom steal 70 bucks off me.

      Your unit blew up? Do tell...

        My 2DS stopped charging. Taking it back for the third time we exchange the battery into another unit and see that it still charges. Meaning the unit I have is busted and any games I downloaded onto that unit are gone.

          I think if you call Nintendo they should be able to transfer your purchases to another system.

    I finally got around to the Walking Dead game and am loving it, going to finish S01E05 this weekend!

    Last of Us Remastered - Didn't play the original (no PS3) so all to look forward to

      It was worth every single moment of my game time. Such a masterpiece

    Dark Souls 2 DLC

    I'm being slaughtered. I made it to the 2nd bonfire at least, and I figured out how to make the ghosts corporeal so that I can at least attempt to kill them, but I am dying lots and lots.

      More ethereal ghosts? Gah... I hated New Londo ruins... :( I was hoping the ones in the crypt were a sign they'd stopped making things unhittable...

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    Why you not finished pikmin 3 yet!? Urgg *heavy disappointed sigh*

    Gonna be up all Saturday night flying through SPAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!

    Elite calls, but Smash is in the way.

    Try and finish sacred 3 in hardest difficulty and replay Last of us and maybe some D3 on PC

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    Dark Souls 2 - finishing up some loose ends before I get my internet back so I can play the DLC. I want to get Belfry Luna done before I get my internet back (hopes high that it'll be next week sometime - phone line finally got connected and activated yesterday); I wonder how the gargoyles will feel about facing my Dark Greatsword +10... Then Smelter Demon or Vendrick... Still not sure about facing the Ancient Dragon... is there any real reason to do so, completion aside?
    Some more Rocksmith, too, of course. Got the main riff for Slither (Velvet Revolver) down this week - so much fun to play! Of course, it sounds like crap outside the game, but that may be because I don't have an amp... might need to invest in a real one soon...

    Rogue Legacy

    This game is kicking my ass and I love it

    I'm still trying to find one of those cheap WiiU bundles.. I think I'll wait till they have a special again, otherwise it'll be more heroes of the storm!

      How is HotS? I didn't register for a beta key but I'm keen to know secondhand...

        It's not bad, definitely worth a few hours of fun with friends!

    I'll be playing work, interspersed with Forza 5, Herthstone, Skylanders: Swap Force, Disney Infinity, Trials: Fusion and reading Metro 7.

      Be honest monkey! You don't have time for me and hearthstone anymore :'(

      Oh say it ain't so cruel world! SAY IT AINT SO!

        Nah, I'm still playing practice and trying to unlock the basic decks.

          I've thought about trying to get into Magic The Gathering, I've played 3 physical rounds of the card game in 2008 but nothing then. Would you recommend Hearthstone though as a card game?

            Definitely, it's so easy to pick up.

              Do I need to have played WoW though? Never played it lol

                Nah, I've never played WoW before. Just make sure you download the Battle.net Authenticator App on your phone for security.

    Just traded my Xbox One in and purchased a PS4 with TLOU remastered... Sooo that and DayZ.

      How much they give you for the xbox curiously. I may get a 2nd hander maybe. Just can't justify having the thing at all but feel odd it being the only console I never got.

        $250. Not great but eh, no point having both consoles really. I thought I'd keep it for Halo & Fable etc but I doubt I'd play them much anyway. PC, PS4 and Wii U ftw.

          The PC, PS4, Wii U combo really is the FTW man. You would really be keeping the XB for two franchises which is just insane seems there really is more must plays then anyone with a job or school has time to play through.

          As for TLOU, you got a double remaster after going from the crappy TV ay.

            Haha sure did. Finished it on Monday, good stuff :)

      First time with Tlou? If so, enjoy!

        I gave it a shot on ps3 but I was playing on a terrible 10 year old tv with poor picture quality so I didn't end up finishing it.

    Grounded Mode TLoU:Re and some multiplayer.

    Got a copy of Hatsune Miku Project Diva f that arrived in the post this week (don't judge me) so I'll be playing that I guess.

      How about I judge you harshly as a way to cover up my curiosity at it myself?

        I saw someone playing it on twitch and it looked really damn colourful. Then I found out that it has the Nyanyanyanyan song in the game and that tipped me over the edge XD

        Last edited 08/08/14 12:12 pm

      Im only judging on the fact it took you this long to get it

      there is an annoyance with the game - the backgrounds are way too bright sometimes making it hard to follow the buttons

        I find it's worse on the PS3 version due to the screen size. The vita version seems better, at least for me.

      I'll judge you for waiting for so long before playing it! But seriously, having platinumed Diva f (JP), Diva F, Diva f and Diva f 2nd, I think it's an awesome game. I even have my own Miku figurine ~~

    Might do collectible/achievement hunting in ACIII but I might not since I have no intention of playing the multi so I can't 100% it. I might set it aside until I can afford the DLC.

    I don't want to star Black Flag until I'm sure i'm 100% done with ACIII. I might try and finish Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition while my wife is napping since she hasn't played it yet, then I might do some collectible hunting in that too. I might do the multiplayer in that if I can find some games, see what the prospects are of getting 100% completion.

    Beyond that I'm kind of at a loss. I have plenty of stuff to play but I don't want to start anything right now that requires a large time commitment.

      I 100%ed the main game of AC3. Wasn't too onerous getting all the collectibles/achievements, but I did a lot of it as I went along, clearing out the feathers and forts.

      The DLC is an "alternate history" - I just couldn't really get into it despite finishing the main game twice. I'm not sure it's essential.

      AC4 is good fun. Again I did lots of collectible hunting early on, opening up the map. Enjoy!

      Tomb Raider there's one slightly annoying achievement involving doing all the side conversations. It's the only single player one I missed. :-/

        Ah, I've probably missed that one too. I'm sure there was at least one chapter where I had the opportunity to talk to the crew members and didn't.

        Which is extra stupid because I'm actually playing the DE on Xbone as my second playthrough. I already finished it once on 360.

    I'll be playing The Adventures of Big: The Ragoon.

    I have a new kitten

      Its name is 'Big'!? That's awesome. I had a teddy bear called that when I was about 1 year old (it was about as big as I was).

      Last edited 08/08/14 9:14 pm

        Yep! He's half maine coon and they can get real big. Apparently he is big for his age so hopefully he lives up to his name.

    On Call. A game my brother and I made with no funding in 3 weeks on psm for vita. I'm quadruple checking to see if I can spot post launch bugs that need squashing. That and the last of us. And infamous again.

    I'll be giving the local indie Screencheat beta a good run. It's a trippy game that I want to get competent at playing. It's quite awkward at first but I believe the brain can adapt to play it smoothly and confidently.

    New Vegas. Gonna get around to getting into the Strip one of these days. Just arsing around doing random quests in the meantime though

    WoW and Hearthstone! I will not give in and start up endless legend :@ Lost my whole weekend last week to that game :@

    Pile of shame time... aim to finish Crysis 3. :)

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