What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Well, I don’t think it takes a genius to guess that a decent sized majority of you guys will be busting out some Battlefield 3 this weekend, but me? I’ll probably be playing catch-up on Batman: Arkham City and Shadow of the Colossus. But I’m weird like that. So let us know — what are you guys playing this weekend?

We’re starting to approach the point where there is an absolute embarrassment of riches at our disposal. PixelJunk Sidescroller also just came out, and I’ve played every single PixelJunk game ever made, so that’s another one that’ll be hard to avoid!

The good news, for me at least, is the fact that I’ve got the weekend to myself — since my wife is going off on a trip — so I should be able to put some serious amount of time into Batman: Arkham City.

But what are you guys playing this weekend?


  • Finishing of the challenge maps in Arkham Asylum to get my Batman fix. Might dabble in some TF2 and Black Ops as well.

  • I imagine I’ll spend a fair bit playing the TF2 Halloween update.

    Other than that I’m trying to decide on some other Halloween appropriate games. So far I’ve got:

    Costume Quest DLC
    Amnesia Justine DLC
    Left 4 Dead 2
    Maybe Arkham Asylum
    CoC: Dark Corners of the Earth
    Maybe giving good old Bloodlines another playthrough.

    Any suggestions?

    • Ghostbuster the video game is only $2.50 on steam and I think well worth a play through. The full original cast for the voice acting and a no rush to meet movie release deadline means a very polished movie based game

      I also think I’ll check out the killing floor event

  • After finishing off all the Riddler bits in the main storyline in Arkham City, I will sink some time into Dark Souls.

  • So many Riddler clues left in Arkham City, think there’s about 40 left, then maybe start New Game+.

    As well as maybe some more of the Dragon Age DLC and starting some RAGE. FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUU…

  • Dark Souls, Dark Souls and if the mood takes me Dark Souls.

    Oh and I might do a few more Riddler Challenges in Arkham City to get around to finishing that last sidequest.

    But mainly Dark Souls.

    • We will be Dark Souls together then, though I did just splurge and buy the STALKER bundle on Steam this morning as it is so cheap. So that’s another 2 or 3 games added to my backlog that will likely never get played!

      But really, just Dark Souls.

      Oh and golf! To hell with the rain and the magpies.

  • Will do some Battlefield but just got my copy of Seasame Street Once Upon a Monster (for my Nephew…of course) which should be fun.

  • I’m playing a game called ‘Figure out what the hell to dress up as for Halloween’

    It’s an allright game.

  • between walking around sydney dressed like a zombie I’ll probably get a few games of battlefield 3 and League of legends in

  • It’s my first TF2 Halloween, so I’ll be playing that (as if I haven’t already procrastinated by playing it enough during the week :P)

    Also, I really need to get back into Metroid Prime before I forget about it (and before Skyward Sword). :/

  • Try and get some more Dark Souls done, been lazy for the past week or two. Also inFamous : Festival of Blood, seems like a lot of fun so far – it’s only 13 odd bucks and can be played as a stand alone, you don’t need inFamous 2.

  • I didn’t pick up Battlefield 3 and don’t plan to.

    I will probably restart Arkham City after my save got corrupted this week, at some point I just have to knuckle down, grit my teeth and do it.

    I might just go back to Fallout New Vegas or start my second play through of Deus Ex. I might wind up sitting around all weekend just scratching myself.

    The possibilities are really endless.

  • Burnout Paradise – I’m inching closer to my Elite Licence, less than 40 events to go!

    Also got Xenoblade to play and perhaps Arkham City if it arrives in my mailbox today.

  • BF3! And some Fifa 12 as standard, plus some Uncharted 1 and 2 in preperation…

    Is Killzone 3 any good? Thinking of picking it up this arvo.

  • Live in WA so already on my weekend. Long Weekend FTW. Playing a bit of Assassins Creed in prep for Revelations. Keeping my nervous twitch under control as I wait for Arkham City to be released on PC.

    • I may also start making preparations for WoW patch 4.3. I’ve got a Rogue I really need to get raid-ready if I want to go for those legendaries.

  • My copy of Rage turned up, really enjoying that… so much to do, I quite enjoy the FPS/Driving mashup.

    Other than that, up to the Joker on my Arkham Asylum (yes, Asylum… won’t have time to play City until I get back from Singapore) playthrough. Will also finish Uncharted 1 in anticipation of Uncharted 3 when I return.

  • Still waiting on Arkham City, can’t find my classic controller for Xenoblade (went AWOL during the last move), so it’s looking like a weekend of Dark Souls. Not a bad thing though, just near the end of Anor Londo (?) and it’s got me well and truly hooked.

  • Probably some Battlefield, mixed in with more Batman.

    I’ll probably end up caving with some PSN purchases also, in the form of Rocketbirds & Okabu (something to play with the GF).

  • Aren’t all majorities decently sized…?

    I’m playing FO:NV from now until whenever – I’m committed to getting my first platinum!

  • Well exams will be over so i will finish hard reset, deus ex, batman aa and maybe a few others but only if my installs being trabsfered to my portable drive then back in to my freely formatted dual boot mac osx and win 7 works

  • Dark Souls if I get a chance. I have quite a busy weekend of RL socialising and what not. A Halloween-themed Birthday party – my girlfriend and I are going as ‘workout Barbie & Ken’. We love spandex.

  • Well i WONT be playing Battlefield.

    Not because i dont have it, its just really annoying/difficult/frustrating to play with the lag issues and the CTD’s every now and then. Seriously, this is worse than open beta…

  • I am having a games night at my house tomorrow night and have bought a Kinect and Dance Central 2 for that very purpose. I can also see the Singstar getting a run, and later in the evening the drunk dregs will probably want to play Fifa or CoD (though I am hoping to convince them to give Reach a run) 🙁 .

    No-one ever wants to play Pokemon Snap. 🙁

  • Two weeks off works with no solid plans so my gaming marathon starts tomorrow afternoon and will continue for some time 😀

    I’ll be finishing off the Battlefield 3 campaign then have a laugh in multiplayer over how much I suck!

    After that I can see an El Shaddai marathon in my future. That game is glorious.

  • Getting pretty close to the end of Arkham City. Will wrap that up, then… start again on game plus 🙂

    Will probably get my arse well and truly kicked, thus preparing me for Demon Souls.

  • I’ll be playing the last half of Rage then get stuck into Arkham City. I don’t think i’ll have time for Dark Souls this weekend. It’s not something I have to marathon.
    Also my BF3 is coming from OzGameShop, the wait seems to be a blessing this time.

  • Ozgameshop came through a week earlier than I expected and WOOHOOO!! GEARS OF WAR 3!!!

    Also finished downloading Mass Effect 2 DLC. That and finally fixed the Fable 3 framerate crappola…

    Ugh! My debit card is smoking…

  • Uncharted Multiplayer beta/subway promo thingy… Though it’s a bummer that it’ll be no longer playable on the 1st of November, because I’m prolly gonna have to wait a week or two to get the full game. Oh well.

  • Been in Japan for the past 2 weeks. Heading back home to Sydney this Sunday for a pile of ‘awesome’ shame. >_>

    Since EB has my copy of BF3 on hold, it will be BF3 until Uncharted 3 comes out.

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