What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Guys, you'll be pleased/insanely jealous to hear that I finally managed to crack 175k in Tiny Birds - getting up to 191k. Now that the evil curse Tiny Birds cast on my bitter heart has been shattered, I can move on to more serious pursuits - like giving Homefront a bash, and finally finishing Dead Space 2…

But what are you guys playing this weekend?

Sunday afternoon is a bit out for me - I've started to become a pretty big fan of UFC, believe it or not, and it's Shogun vs Bones for the Light Heavyweight title on Sunday. I'm a huge Shogun fan, so I'm hoping he manages to ride things out against Jon 'Bones' Jones - who is an absolute beast.

Games wise - I'm thinking about playing through Homefront's single player. I've heard bad reports, but I'm keen to see if they really deliver with the game's universe. Dead Space 2 I just need to finish. I've been slacking majorly on that one.

What about you guys? What are you all up to this weekend?


    I've started the Homefront singleplayer, but I keep going back to the multiplayer. The Multiplayer is awesome.

    It's also getting patched tonight, so hopefully that'll fix a few issues.

    So Homefront MP is what I'll be jamming.

      Is it radically different than the twitches-and-perks style of other modern FPSs?

        In a word, no.
        Very laggy last night on XBOX
        Unable to join games as a party
        Dated graphics
        seriously lacking polish
        nothing new in terms of gameplay, the battlepoints are a great idea, just poorly implemented
        Save yourself $80's and go and wash the car, it'll be more fun.

          I am finding the multiplayer much better than anything out there. It is a radical change from the existing range of shooters. It has the room for customising stuff but skill is more important without the straight twitch gunplay. There is no lag on the PC version. The performance is absolutely fantastic given servers of more than 30 players.
          The graphics is exactly what it needs to be for this type of online service.

          The single player tutorial shouldn't be why you play this game. Its all for the multiplayer.

    I don't know. Jones has demolished everyone who gets in the octagon with him. I really do't think Shogun can last 5 rounds with that guy.

      I think if Jones tries to stand up with Shogun he'll just tong po the utter shit out of him. If it goes to ground, Shogun could struggle.

      Remember that Shogun, at his peak, utterly ran through every top class fighter Pride could throw at him.

        If shogun goes to the ground then Jones will just break him a la Brandon Vera and Matt Hammill’s respective faces.

        If Shogun can grind out the fight into the 3rd of 4th, then who knows, Jones has never gone the distance his cardio may not hold up (although I doubt it)

        One thing is for certain, I’m much more excited for this fight than if Rashad Evans or Rampage Jackson were fighting. Those guys are boring.

        Shogun hasn't been the same since pride due to all the injuries but he's been in some serious wars and his experience will be too much for bones. However bones will be the lhw champ or the hw champ in the future... Gonna b an awesome weekend mma n bulletstorm

          As i am sick i am considering getting this fight at home to watch. If i perk up though i might get out to a bar.

          Mark are you going to a bar to see it? Whats a good bar in Sydney to watch it? (the only one i know that shows it is in Cremorne)

    Want to play:
    - Pokémon White: Starting out
    - Trials HD: Beat Q's time on Inferno II
    - Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit: Finish some more races, beat some people's times
    - Perfect Dark: 4 player mayhem
    - Tomb Raider: Anniversary: SHUT UP!

    Will probably do instead:
    - Various chores and trips
    - Go to the football
    - Stuff around setting up new laptop

    Dragon Age most likely. Going to re-play the missions leading up to the Landsmeet so I can actually win it instead of having to fight!

      Dragon Age Origins I should say.

        it'll be a difficult toss-up between DA:O (just bought it last week), or AC:B (FINALLY got the PC edition)....

    I bought and downloaded the Dead Space 2: Severed DLC but haven't even started it yet. I might give that a go.

    Plus I still haven't finished Demon's Souls. I need to beat the False King who is the last boss I need to kill before I can move onto the final boss, but he's too damn hard.

      I'm also deciding if I'll drive for an hour to check out the 3DS at a shopping centre. I haven't decided if I'll get one yet but playing one might help me.

    Last week I purchased Rift, Dragon Age 2 and Shogun 2.
    So I pretty much won't be sleeping.

    I'm sure it will come as a great shock to all that I'll be playing Demon's Souls. Silly Buttercup, I don't love you, I just pull your strings so that you do interesting things for me to write about. Also, uninteresting things.

    Then there's Pokemon White. It didn't take long for me to get back into grinding, I think I'm at 2.5hrs of gameplay and I'm underleveled for the second gym.

    I probably won't be playing more Trauma Center, I haven't finished it but this weekend shall be devoted to relaxing and I did mention that the game can be pretty exhausting.

    Oh man, I still need to get to island 4 without a perfect slide. I'm stuck on 116000. Gorram it. I've started to slowly play Mirror's Edge and some TF2, but the majority of the weekend will just be finishing 2 assignments.

      That perfect slide one is a doozy. I've lost count of the times I got to literally the last jump on island 3 and got one by accident. Still, it turns out it is possible. I found the trick is bring the bird down a little too early, so that it bounces slightly before down for the slide. No perfect slides but you keep enough speed that you can actually make it to the fourth island before sunset.

    Waiting on my copy of Shogun 2 to arrive from the UK, so fingers crossed it arrives today.
    If it doesn't ill most likely be playing Minecraft and Lost Odyssey.

    Huge weekend for me; just got my Grand Master edition of Shogun 2, my Codex Edition of AC:Brotherhood. Gotta get around to finishing Dead Space 1 so I can get started on the sequel and fit in some time to play more Rift. Oh and I just purchased Homefront and Test Drive Unlimited 2.


    I'm currently going through the Dragon Age Origins DLC to get the items before eventually starting a new super evil game. Just killing time really until Crysis next week so I'm not planning to start any new games between now and then.

    Still going through 999 on the DS. Very impressed with this title.

    Travel and work for me this weekend, but depending on the mode of transport, I might have time to play Pokemon Black.
    I be hooked. Again.

    Dissidia: Duodecim (... Naughty me)
    Shogun 2 if it downloads from steam fairly quickly.
    Dragon Age: Origins.

    I think the Noble Dwarf Origin story is the epitome of badass. Heading back to Orzamar to confront... well, you'll know when you play through it.

    Homefront sounds like a massive disappointment.

    *Pokemon White Version
    *Second playthrough of AC: Brotherhood (this time on PS3)
    *Killzone 3 multiplayer

    If there is any time left:
    * Pile of shame

    DA2, if it arrives.

    Otherwise probably some ME2. And this incredibly crazy uni assignment.

    Well I would be playing pokemons but i lost my freaking ds charger. Now i don't know if i should buy another one or wait for my 3ds. Stupid bad habit for losing things.

    I love that for the most part, all the release of DA2 has done is made more people play DA:O.

    Not sure this weekend. More World of Tanks (release date announced! 19th April! I'm the only one who cares!) is a definite, might finish NFS:U2 and I've been thinking about playing Oblivion again.

    I'll be playin'... HEAPS OF CHIX AT DA CLUB.

    Mass Effect 2 and Dead Space 2. Just ordered Shogun 2 and Halo Reach off OzGameShop. Woo!

      ME2's DLCs are pretty damn fun, enjoy!

    I can't believe you got 191K on Tiny Wings! My wife is trying for the 175K achievement, she probably played for 2 hours last night, swearing all the way! My highest score is about 110K, but I have too many other games to play to spend too much time on it! I really like Mad Skills MX on iphone, will probably be playing it a bit this weekend.

    I also picked up Motorstorm Apocalypse yesterday, played a few tracks last night, pretty fun so far, so I'll be putting a few more hours into that one!

    And Minecraft, will probably sink a few more hours into that one too!

    After reading this I new I had to finish tiny wings just spent the last 30 min getting 175k

    all done

    For the rest of the weekend I'll be playing some Sly Cooper/ME2/Back to the future

    Looking at completing the story of deBlob 2... such an amazing time sucking game, the levels just go on and on... and all the characters are so cute.

    I'll look at finishing Homefront and see whether or not I want to keep it, otherwise I'll be playing the SOCOM Beta abit more.

    Shogun 2: Total War. Every free second I'll have.

    DA2 and Homefront are the two I'm focusing on, but I'll probably be playing a fair bit of Poker too :)

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