What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I missed out on the opportunity to play Skyrim last weekend, but it is so happening this weekend. I have the house to myself, my wife is gone to Melbourne — this is my time to shine. I'm going to sit on my comfy couch, order a stupid amount of pizza, put on five kilograms of bacon and play Skyrim.

But that's not to say I won't have distractions. Major League Gaming has its national finals this weekend, so I'll no doubt be tuned into that on breaks. I'm also pretty hyped for UFC 139, with Shogun vs Henderson. Man, this could end up being the best weekend ever.

Anyways, what are you guys up to? What games will you be playing? There has been a good number of games released this week, the big ones being Halo: CE Anniversary and Assassin's Creed Revelations.

Let us know in the comments below!


    I'm away from my consoles and TV again this weekend... sob

    So I'll be making do with my 3DS (Zelda, some NES games) and Binding of Isaac on my laptop. And lots of driving and family stuff.

    Stoopid family.

      In my head, though, I'll be finishing off Uncharted 3, starting Skyward Sword, and hell, let's play through The Last Guardian as well. It's my head, I can do whatever I want!

        In my head I'm playing Super Mario 3D Land.

          That's boring - you can do that next week (or maybe even earlier with your super journalist privileges).

          Shoot for the stars, man!

    AC Revelations & Saints Row 3! Almost too much awesomeness to choose from.

    Skyrim, for some reason I can't get bored with it... damn it!

    Might go out and get Assassins Creed:Revelations, just because i've played all the others and I liked them. Besides, I might get bored with Skyrim.. uhm.. or not.

    Finishing Grand Theft Auto 4 since my Skyrim still hasn't arrived in the mail from Melbourne yet (4+ days to Sydney??)

    Gonna play Shadow of the Colossus HD, and then finish Layton 4.

    Skyrim, maybe some Saint's Row 3. Mostly Skyrim.

    Skyrim, if my copy turns up today, if not Saints Row 3

    Saints Row the Third and maybe some Saints Row the Third oh and I'll probably dabble in some Saints Row the Third.

      Strange choice. Me? I'm playing Saints Row the Third.

    Finishing Tales of Symphonia co op, and Super Smash Bros Melee, probably timeplitters 2 in there too. We love us some gamecube.

    Demon's Souls, Brutal Legend.

    Still haven't opened Arkham City, and AC:Revelations is on its way!
    ARGH toomuchgame

    I'll probably be playing Halo CE Anniversary... although after playing the first two chapters I must say I'm finding it really boring... I replayed Halo CE on PC after playing Reach last year and I had a blast, but there's something off-putting about a 10 year old game with modern visuals, it just makes the game feel very underwhelming to play.

    I could play it in classic mode but the simple landscapes and textures by todays standards make the game very dull to look at... no doubt 10 years ago they were top notch, but I think it's time the original Halo was retired.

    Skyrim, if it arrives (Come on Oz Game Shop!)
    Otherwise, 100%ing Arkham City and MVC3 in preparation for UMVC3

    Seriously why can't they spread these games over the summer? NFS:TR, Saints Row, AC:R and apparently my copy of skyward sword shipped yesterday :x

    Also looking forward to Hendo V Shogun. Wandy V Le and Faber V Bowles are all good fights.

    Hopefully be playing Skyrim if it has arrived from Ozgameshop. Anyone got it yet from them? Just got an email confirming Zelda had been sent as well ^.^

      I hate you guys.

      Should totally have gone Ozgameshop with this one...

        My copy of Uncharted 3 shipped from OzGameshop on launch day and it arrived this week. That was a quick delivery in my experience. So don't be jealous Mark, I give you a rolled gold guarantee* that you'll be playing it before GentlemanJ

        *Not an actual guarantee

      My Ozgameshop orders have all been pretty prompt except for the last one. I'm not holding my breath that it comes today ready for the weekend. :(

        God help me if they both come at the same time, no more epic battle for my attention has ever been fought. I may have to come up with a system to play both at the same time.

    Skyrim and BF3, just hit Colonel rank 1, 99 more to go!

    On a side note, I just burped so loud I think I created a new Thu'un. Gusting Belch, overwhelming and disgusting all who get in its path.

    If I get the chance - SR3, Demon Souls, Skyrim. But I probably won't. Boo.

    I'll be pinballing between MW3, Skyrim, & Sonic Generations. Crazy, but awesome time to be a gamer!
    Still have Skyward Sword & Rayman Origins to pick up next week yet!

    3 Pagaents this weekend...

    But I'll try and squeeze some Skyrim and Saints Row in.

      Pageants for what or whom, dare I ask?

        Christmas Pagaents... for local business's to make money off people and children crowding round to see floats.

        I'm in a pipe band.

    Xenoblade and Arkham City. Will be pretty busy on both Sat & Sun though so probably won't get much playing time. Looking forward to watching Moneyball.

    This weekend ill be playing some Dungeon Defenders and Battlefield 3.

    I've clocked approx 50 hrs in Dungeon Defenders so far, and it doesn't look to be slowing down at all... Really enjoying it!

    Golf on the range at a new course, after a 6 hour drive for a xmas party.

    Then a return 5 hour drive (I know a shortcut for the way back) so I can play more Dark Souls Sunday night!

    Saturdau I will be playing the "work" game.

    Pretty crap game IMO

    Anytime not playing "Work". I will be giving much needed love to


    My other half wants us to go to her parents farm for the weekend (3hrs away!)... I would rather stay home and play Saints Row 3, Forza 4, and maybe some Lego Harry Potter. So I've been dropping hints the last couple of days that I don't want to go, and she should just go on her own with our daughter.

      What you should do is point past her shoulder, yell out "What's THAT?" and then run away.
      ALWAYS WORKS 100%

    Now that I've finally got a new video card and can play games without my pc crashing, I've got a lot to catch up on! Think I'll start with Bulletstorm, then Alice, Then load up crysis 2 with the texture pack, then Heroes 6, then perhaps skyrim! Lord only knows what other games I have forgotten about ;)

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