What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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I'm super looking forward to getting some sleep this weekend, first and foremost. But once I'm done with that, and in between games of Battlegrounds, there's another game I've been slowly working my way through.

That game is Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, a game best described as Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines with ninjas and samurai. It's all about watching enemy movement patterns, understanding the AI logic, and spotting opportunities to sneak through when you can. If you love stealth games, Luke wrote a lot more about the game when it came out late last year.

Shadow Tactics Is A Stealth Renaissance

Commandos was a very good video game. It's also a kind of game that we haven't seen much of since, so it's nice to see Shadow Tactics step in and deliver us a similar kind of experience. Well, as similar as swapping World War Two for Japan's Edo period can get, anyway.

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What are you playing this weekend?


    Slowly working my way through Dishonored: Def Ed. I say slowly because my in laws are here and baby takes most of the time.

    Hopefully get some time on Starcraft II and Grim Dawn. Maybe finish up Prey as well.

    Finally finished The Witcher 3, now onto Heart of Stone DLC!

      Lucky you. I put off playing it for way to long, so now I am I keep finding myself distracted by a sidequest, or ?, or something. So have barely gotten to Skellige in 18 levels or so...

      So many things. So much time. So no rush to get to the DLC yet.

        Yep, I completed every contract & sidequest before the final main quest. Took me 130hours, and I didn't even start on the points of interest in Skellige!

      So many feels with heart of stone ending man...

    Playing some Far Cry 4 and want to pump some time into Trails of Cold Steel 2, before ToCS 3 drops in Japan!

    Final Fantasy XIV while my huge backlog gets even bigger :(

    Diablo 3 necromancer.

      I'm attempting to resist the urge to grind for the ladder again, but I think i'm failing. :(

    Installing a new HD for my PC :(
    I'm really interested in Shadow Tactics, Commandos was a ripping series and keeping the gameplay but changing the setting to feudal Japan?? Yes please!

    Finishing SMT: Digital Devil Saga and then giving Horizon Zero Dawn a go. Possibly some Tekken 7 will be played as well.

    Dabbling in some Fallout 4 before going back into Witcher 3. I finally reached Skellige! :D

    I was looking at shadow tactics in the sale too, think i'll wait until the next one though...!

    Finished my Uncharted-a-thon last weekend, Witcher 3 & Diablo mentioned above are pulling at my heart strings buuuut, I started playing Nier: Automata yesterday and it's as bizarre as I probably expected, boy do I love Japanese games - long may they continue!

    Has there honestly been a better opening six months of a year in terms of big games available vs quality? I know not everyone will agree due to taste etc, but I've played so many games form this year of such a high quality (Zelda - ok, not my fave but still a great game, Horizon, Nioh, Nier, Persona 5, Resident Evil, Injustice 2, Gravity Rush 2, MK8* - ok, a remake but wth) I feel spoilt as anything - especially as I felt burned out/turned off the previous years?

    Snake pass with my son, teaching him to go after the coins / challenging bits rather than wussing out.

    Also playing Neir Automata, i am however super overleveled now and the main campaign quests items are laughably easy.

    Might take a final look at the sales and see whats left.

    I finished Persona 5 after almost 3 months of playing nothing else. I have decided that i cannot delay as i have a baby coming in a couple more months and gaming will be almost put on hold for a while. My backlog has been growing so straight onto Horizon Zero Dawn HOWEVER...

    ...the wife bought me a Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe from the Target sale. I already have Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U but i still kind of want to get into it and begin unlocking all of Bowsers kids I don't know...

      The only character that needs to be unlocked is gold Mario I believe.

    Finishing off Assassins Creed 3! Still have no idea why people hate on this game so much.

      I didn't think it was a bad game per se, I just found the characters unlikeable and the story quite slow/dull compared to previous games in the series? I'd still play it above Unity :)

      I started Sydnicate a couple of days ago after a conversation in another thread, have had to stop for now though - I think i've been spoilt by all the games recently as the controls just felt terrible compared to Zelda/Horizon, like i'm constantly and actively fighting my character not to go into cover/hide against a wall when sneaking around. It is the ultimate in love/hate series' for me.

      There are a number of factors. The biggest one is you are playing it much later so franchise fatigue is minimised. That was the 5th game in the series I think over the course of 5 years so if you are playing them back to back the repetitive nature takes it's toll. Also hype train and expectations sky high.
      There is also a much more direct comparison between Conner and Ezio and in that Conner is very much Blandy McBlandFace.
      The other major thing that upset people way that real lack of any real world story line progression.
      I'm similar to you in that I only played it more recently so didn't mind it, but also our expectations were very low based on what people have said

    Got a HTC VIVE. So Im on the VR train baby!

    Playing the steam sale stack of shame add-on. By the time i get through checking the store and getting the days achievements i'm generally out of my limited time available to play :( .

    I think my Dinos might be going hungry and generator out of fuel on Ark, otherwise Fallout 4 , some of my $2-4 a pop indie game sale purchases, and maybe Rocket League.

    picked up the Crash remaster this morning & can't wait to try it later. I also picked up Ghost Recon Wildlands to play online with my nephew

    Crash, hopefulky get a chance to teach my kids how to play it as well.

    Stormblood, so close to level 70 White Mage. Also Cryptark.

    I'm 20 hours into Horizon Zero Dawn and it's both looks and plays amazingly, also jumping on Destiny to help a friend level his character and do a raid on Sunday. Don't get why he wants too but I'm cool with playing it after 5 months away.

    Zelda DLC! Probably starting a new playthrough on the new difficulty.

    ... and maybe Crash.

    I'm close to finishing black flag so probably knock that out at some stage. Still haven't got myself into a game of my own yet, need to decide on what is next

    Factorio and Diablo, probably. Gave the necromancer a go with a friend last night...felt extremely clunky at first, but once you start building around a set, it becomes pretty fluid. Picked up 3-4 pieces of each set but we focused on going for the Pestilence set... 600 Death's Breath later, we had two necromancers with 5 pieces each and a RoRG in the cube. Finished the night with a T8 GR... first pack gave us a lot of trouble, but everything after that was like chasing a maelstrom of blood and bone. It was glorious. :P

    Started a new map in Factorio, so very keen on laying out my base better this time around.

    Elite: Dangerous. Off to see the Thargoid base...

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