What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I started playing The Saboteur last night, trying to divorce my experience of the game itself from the tragedy of developer Pandemic's recent closure.

And, hey, it's not too bad - certainly better than expected. An amalgam of GTA and Assassin's Creed, it flits between car chases and stealth kills across an urban expanse that manages to feel fresh. Partly it's the use of colour: the occupied areas are depicted mostly in bleak black and white, from the rainsodden footpaths to the pale, lifeless people and the churning storm clouds hanging overhead, with the red swastikas and devilish glow illuminating Nazi troops the only colours to be seen. Meanwhile the resistance areas are painted in lush colours, trees and buildings soaked through with vibrant greens and oranges under a brilliant blue sky.

It also offers a glimpse into the lives of people during the second World War that few other games offer. We've seen WWII from the frontlines in countless shooters, but rarely have we been afforded a look at what happens away from those famous battles. Sure, here you're still fighting Nazis, but you're also avoiding getting beaten by them on the streets or spending an evening sitting next to them at a burlesque club. This take on occupied France is somewhere a videogame hasn't allowed us to visit before. It's worth a look for that alone.

I'll be playing some more Saboteur today, along with some Dead Space: Extraction and, later tonight, it's back into Demon's Souls. Tomorrow, I'll breeze through Pixeljunk Shooter and maybe some Muramasa. I'm sick, too, so I expect to get plenty of gaming done this weekend.

What are you playing this weekend?


    the only thing ive found off putting so far in saboteur is the climb speed and thats probably because i'm comparing it to ACII which is kinda hard not to when there released so close together

    Getting into little big planet, plus lego rock band/beatles rock band. And pixel junk shooter. Should dig Dead Space Extraction back out to finish it. Plus some red faction online for the 5x XP

    Finally received my copy of Little Big Planet for the PSP, so I've been taking that for a spin. So far they really seem to have nailed the feel of the PS3 version, it's great!

    Either Brutal Legend or Dragon Age and some Forza 3 Banjo-Tooie and 'Splosion Man in between.

    ...Metal Gear Solid for the PS1.


    I'll probably hit some AC2.

    I just bought The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks so I'll be playing that over the weekend with a bit of Oblivion and Left 4 Dead in between.

    GT5 Demo, it's only one car and it's only one track, but it's still GT5 Dammit.

    FSX and of course ArmA2 (beta patch and ACE Mod FTW)

    Im level 45 on borderlands 2nd playthrough, just got to new headland and my masher is itching for some lancer face

    Wow, that screen shot is stunning - if the same concept were in a film it'd be a work of art. Just got Left 4 Dead II in the mail - uncensored version so I'll be giving that a go tonight, bit of MW2 as well.

    50cent blood on the sand, which I got from that Sanity games sale for like 15 bucks. It's quite fun- it's Army of Two but with an almost Virtua Cop shooter feel. The least good thing about it is 50 cent, who is about as likeable as cancer. Seriously, it's almost enjoyable letting him die over and over.

    Mod Nation Racers Beta....

    AC2, possibly MW2, just prestiged for the first time.

    Just finished my first playthrough of Borderlands and have jumped straight back in for round 2...then when I get a few more levels i'll be playing the DLC...

    180-something gigs later and i've finally finished all the gigs in Lego Rock Band for the Veteran achievement..

    Picked up Mass Effect yesterday to finish that off seeing as I was too lazy to do it 2 years ago, so i'll be tackling that tomorrow after work

    For the second time, Dragon Age Origins has had a problem finding installed downloadable content... making my save game unplayable.

    I didn't have the energy to start again, so I'm doing a fresh run through Mass Effect in preparation for next year.

    Plus I've got to finish Assassins Creed 2, Borderlands and the Saboteur at some point too.

    Masses and masses of TF2. Update MADNESS.

    I've mained\worshiped BLU Soldier since beta, and since everyone is playing Soldier and Demoman for the update, I'm busting out my least played\liked, the Spy and doing REALLY well :D

    Gonna check out Braid and probably hit up a bit of Red Faction: Guerrilla for the 5x EXP weekend.

    Fill the gaps with Pixeljunk: Shooter and Modern Warfare 2 online.

    Modnation Racer beta. It's pretty damn fun.

    Batman: Arkham Asylum. Enjoying the visitors room immensely.

    I'm finally immersing myself in Mass Effect. It's pretty damn fine...


    MW2 and Uncharted 2 online, and a bit of the original Dead Space.

    damn pixeljunk shooter was surprisingly short although awesome fun

    guess its time to finish of my mass effect save or back to saboteur damn Work sucking up all my time tho

    Plan is to finish CoD4 MW on Veteran

    And maybe some Mini-Ninjas

    .... right after I get out of work on Sunday.

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