While You Were Sleeping

Morning all! It's Tuesday and video game stuff is happening. It's always happening! This is While You Were Sleeping, where we try and separate the gold from the gumph.

Teabagging. Is that still a thing? I remember thinking it was fun when Halo 2 first came out but at some point the whole thing just started making me feel a big angry. Then I just felt a silent loathing for whoever still engaged in it. With any luck Call of Duty just made tea bagging totally uncool.

Hey, remember how Troy Baker showed everyone that he was totally able to do The Joker yesterday? Or a really good impression of Mark Hamill doing The Joker? The guy who plays Loki does a great impression of his own: this is the guy who played Loki doing an impression of Owen Wilson playing Loki. INCEPTION.

This guy made a robot housemate. He is an Anakin Skywalker for our times. Take a first look at the Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD thing and you should make time in your breakfast schedule to watch Walter White in this video game commercial!

In Short With Any Luck, Call Of Duty Just Made Tea Bagging Uncool Chinese Dude Made A Robot Roommate First Look At Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix Oh, Walter White Was Also In This Sweet Old Video Game Commercial Loki Does A Great Owen Wilson As Loki Impersonation


    It’s Tuesday and video game stuff is happening. It’s always happening!
    I came to the depressing realization yesterday that as a highly omnivorous and forgiving lover of games, even if I were unemployed and independently wealthy I would still not be able to fully explore and enjoy all of the satisfying gaming experiences I have available to me. Probably not even if I were immortal.

    This is very sad.

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