Beating Up Hellish Cannibal Mutants In The Moonlight Sure Looks Fun!

It's just a normal day in the world of open-world horror-survival game The Forest. Wake up, admire the scenery, get friendly with some critters, cut some wood. Craft a grotesque effigy to attract nightmarish mutants from the forest's depths. Y'know, the usual.

The Forest has been approved for distribution on Steam and its alpha version is slated to hit PC this year. If you end up playing it, you might want to consider not building a totem out of dismembered limbs to taunt the monsters trying to hunt you down. Even if it looks fun. It's a survival game, for goodness' sake.

The Forest Trailer 2 [YouTube]

Trailer 2 [Steam Greenlight]


    Been watching this on green light for a while. Presumed dead, but it's excellent to see some progress.

    Last edited 12/11/13 8:07 pm

    Looks "too" good

      Howso? I can see where it's exceedingly rough around the edges yet it looks very well done. Very eager to try it.

    I have been following this game for a while and as it looks right now, it will probably go down the all too familiar path of horror games and me. I will be greatly excited for the game, watch gameplay for the game, finally try and play the game but end up crying for 20 minutes and quiting.

    Looks very impressive, but I know I'd never play it because I'm an easily scared babyman who kind of just wants to look at birds and trees without having to deal with the burden of things like the heat of the sun and putting on clothes.

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