Open-World Survival Horror Game The Forest Arrives May 22

Open-world survival horror game The Forest is coming to Steam Early Access on May 22. I usually stay away from horror games but this one looks so good, I might just give it a try. On a weekend morning. When there's plenty of light and everyone's awake. Maybe.

Anyway, above is the game's third trailer. Pretty amazing.


    I'm getting a bit tired of Early Access being an excuse to release broken products

      Well wait til they're finished?

        Plot Twist - The game is never finished....

        Problem is, most games in early Access won't ever come out of early Access

          Seems like a right old conundrum we're in doesn't it. They want your money to finish making the game. You do want them to have your money until they're finished making the game.

            Maybe they should set themselves more realistic goals, sell it for a fair price and offer new components as DLC or expansion ?

              Yuck! What next? Make the DLC and expansions during development then release an unfinished product just to charge for the rest?
              Sounds like Activision and EA to me.

    This looks like the zombie game I've always wanted. Except it doesn't have zombies. That's weirdly a bonus.

    That actually does look pretty cool.

    Following it from the very beginning,it will be a gem

    I actually dreamed of a realistic tree chopping in a survival game and this one's got it. SOLD

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