Gears Of War On 3DS? This Is Very Close.

What you're seeing here is Ironfall. The footage isn't strictly a game. It's a tech demo showcasing the kind of effects you'll hopefully see in it when it's done. But for now, let's just enjoy it and hope they can actually pull this off.

The Gears of War influence is being worn on Ironfall's sleeves here, and while that could be disappointing, you could always view it as the 3DS' version of NOVA, itself a clone of another sci-fi shooter (Halo) which was still useful as an example of what a handheld gaming platform can do.

Below is the tech demo in full. You might want to go full-screen to see it properly.

Ironfall is coming to the Nintendo 3DS e-shop. The game's site is here.


    Hey it's cool that they're pushing the graphical properties of the 3DS, but if you want a high res portable shooter, I'm not sure why you'd choose the 3DS over the Vita.

    Also, how can this run smooth, but X & Y can't?

      From a dev/middleware POV: It's probably targeting the 3DS because the market is much larger than the Vita (5x?), and also a graphically advanced game would really stand out on the 3DS, so it's more of an achievement.
      From a consumer POV: Some people like Mario/Pokemon and graphical intensive shooters, but don't have the funds for both portables. If the 3DS could handle games like this, it would help combat a major advantage the Vita has.

      No idea why X& Y chugs, maybe toon shading is particularly expensive, but there's no real excuse for a game to run poorly on locked hardware.

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      X&Y draws on a lot of data and a lot of the models/animations are of pretty high quality considering the machine, I'm actually a little surprised they managed to fit all the assets alone on the cartridge.

      and as much as I enjoy shooters the 3DS was my first choice for portable console, it has more of the game series I like and I think it's plenty powerful enough for most decent games (the only major advantage I see in the vitas graphics power is that it makes it more appropriate for ports of home console games which I can see as being good).

      they aren't showing off how good it looks because that's what people purchasing it want (although it's a nice bonus) they're showing them off because it means they can do more with their game despite the technical limitations.

    Wow - I know it's good graphics cuz it's almost completely brown!

    That said - aiming via CPP or Stylus - why dont more devs use the accelerometer - it works really well in Res Evil Revelations

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