Grand Theft Auto V Has A Red Book And It's Amazing

This is insane. It's a highly detailed, super helpful — get this — Google Doc that provides information on every car in Grand Theft Auto V. You can scroll through information like level of traction, speed, acceleration, etc and compare different vehicles. It's an incredible fan-made resource.

Basically, it's like a fully specced-up, digital red book for Grand Theft Auto V complete with buy prices and sell prices.

It was made by Redditor try_the_cat and you can check it out in full here. Absolutely incredible work.


    This is pretty neat.

    Though we have found that many of the current stats in the game don't really play out as they should. Such as a friend brought a Bullet to counter my Vacca and we found that while it gets the lead from acceleration, it begins to lose out in top speed once we reach top end (No catchup or slipstreaming) Though to be fair, it's not often either car gets the massive straight required to achieve this.

    I've been looking for a Sabre since I started playing. About 45 hours deep now and no Sabre. This proves to me they exist, at least.

      Yeah, been doing the same with the Obey 9F cabriolet [which is potentially one of the FIRST CARS YOU DRIVE in the game!]....

      I heard a nice tip for finding cars though! As you know, when you see a car, you will suddenly see them EVERYWHERE. All GTA's have been like this as a method of keeping memory use optimisation. I don't have a problem with it. But you CAN use it to your advantage.

      Find a mission which uses that car. Load up that mission from the menu. Once in the car, quit the mission and return to your game. The car should now be in your system's memory, so should now appear. Had to try it a couple of times but it does work eventually.

    Impressive and handy

    It doesn't look like a google-doc though. I believe it's just using google drive to host and publicly share the html files.

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