​New PS4 Game Footage Too Mighty For Puny YouTube Streaming

​New PS4 Game Footage Too Mighty For Puny YouTube Streaming

A new preview of Killzone: Shadow Fall is out in the wild today. Don’t go looking for it on YouTube or any other service, though. Developer Guerilla Games says that streaming just isn’t good enough for their shiny next-gen baby. It needs special treatment to be appreciated in all its glory.

You can find multiplayer footage for Shadow Fall here on the Guerilla Games site, along with the advice the devs are recommending for viewing the minute-plus clip the way it should be seen:

Unfortunately, there are limitations to streamed video, and many of the clips and trailers we’ve released thus far aren’t being viewed in the best possible fidelity and framerate.

In order to properly demonstrate the framerate and resolution we achieve in Shadow Fall’s multiplayer, we’ve captured and lightly compressed new footage that we’re not offering through a video sharing service. Instead, we ask that you download and locally view the high-resolution, uncompressed footage directly from us.

Please use a video player with hardware acceleration when viewing the footage. We recommend Windows Media Player for Windows users and QuickTime Player for Mac users. Do not use a non-accelerated player (such as VLC Media Player) because the framerate and resolution of this movie are simply too high and will very likely cause choppy playback.

Click here to download the video. (ZIP archive, 541 MB)

The video you just saw has been captured from a multiplayer match on “The Park” (MP08). The map is based on one of the environments you’ll encounter in the single player campaign, situated firmly behind enemy lines near the Visari tribute statue.

As you can probably tell from the footage, Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer outputs at a native 1080p, rendering uncapped but always targeting 60fps. We’re very pleased with how well the game runs, and we can’t wait for you to play it come November 15.

Now, someone will probably upload this somewhere. But, it’s 541 MB for 1:14 of console footage, which is the kind of thing that makes you wonder if some kind of shift will have to happen to accommodate all the ramped-up visuals of next-gen games. Having taken a look at it myself, the skirmish does look visually impressive. The image above is a screencap from the video run in Quicktime Player on a Mac.

Mind you, there’s nothing from a gameplay design standpoint that makes it look like a big evolutionary leap. But the detail and smoothness on display aren’t things that you can deny. Guerilla has traditionally been a studio that’s pushed PlayStation hardware to peak performance and it looks like they’re well on their way to doing the same here.


    • I don’t know what happened in the encode there but Youtube is capable of better than that. The aliasing on the HUD lines is expected, but whole screen artifacting is just a bad encode.

      That said, the download video didn’t seem that impressive to me either. There was some pretty visible LOD pop-in going on even over fairly short distances. Still, a lot better than previous console generations, for sure.

      • I think the bit rate is far to high for youtube. I’ve dealt with that issue before when uploading animation assignments.

        • That’s just a factor of compression though. Done right, you can get pretty solid compression without losing that much detail. Things like colour space and such. There’s no doubt their video looks better the way they’ve encoded it, but Youtube can handle that kind of footage much better than it did in that link, is all.

  • I’ve always felt like KZ had the map size just right, not massive like BF where you’re running for 2 minutes to get back into the action. Not too small like CoD where you’re killed soon after you spawn.
    They just need to tweak the multi gameplay a little so that spawn trapping doesn’t happen like it did in KZ3. You were either spawn trapping or being spawn trapped it felt like in KZ3

    • My main problem with the KZ3 multiplayer was that the guns just didn’t feel like they had any kind of power. I’d stand there unloading a clip into a people who would just charge straight at me, soak up all the bullets I was shooting at them and then stab me in the face.

      • Yeah, the connection was pretty dodgy too, you either destroyed the competition or got destroyed. I gave up on the multiplayer not long after it came out.

        • Yeah. I love Killzone, but only the single player. I turn to Battlefield for my multiplayer needs.

          • yeah me too man. Plus I never have been into console MP. Only on PC which is just weird but heck I am weird.

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