Killzone: Shadow Fall Announced For PS4

It shouldn't be too big a surprise, seeing as a Killzone game helped sell the last PlayStation console launch, but in case you didn't see it coming, Guerilla Games revealed a new Killzone game today for the PlayStation 4.

It's called Killzone: Shadow Fall.


    Awesome a new Halo games, frigen love Halo. Ohhh it's not a Halo game?? Gees the last 2 screens looked like a halo game... Will pick this up thought looks great

    Gameplay video from the demo here:

    Killzone is imo an underrated series. Always loved the atmosphere their games create. This game appears to be no different. Console seller for me indeed, now just need a money tree.

    I really dig Killzone's slow-paced, methodical gameplay. And somehow, they still manage to be exciting.
    They're always gorgeous, if short, and great fun to play, if a little illogical. And if Shadowfall finishes on a cliffhanger, I won't be happy. I'm pretty sold on a PS4 based on the inevitable exclusives which will accompany it, and a new Killzone has just made that even more certain.

    Are we sure this is the real deal this time? Let's not forget the fiasco that surrounded Killzone video from the PS3 launch.

    This Killzone definitely looks close to the 2005 E3 trailer of Killzone 2 which is definitely a good thing.

    Meh, it had me with the great setting and I was hoping it might take some bold new steps seeing as its on a new console, but as soon as the player character was on foot, it turned into mega-generic FPS. There are more cliches and tired tropes than bullets flying around in that demo.

      gotta agree, that place looked interesting until it exploded and turned into just another FPS. I didn't see any gameplay that would make me pick it up instead of another shooter and that on rails hanging-off-a-flyer part was cringeworthy it pretty much decided for me that I'll never be bothered to play this game

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