Sui Generis Looks A Lot Like Dark Souls Mixed With Diablo...

And that's a good thing. Sui Generis was a project on Kickstarter just over a year ago. It asked for a lot of money (£150,000) and it received a lot of money (£160,055) but the end result looks to be a little bit special.

Sui Generis is a rare beast on Kickstarter. It isn't a retro fan service project by an old developer, it isn't a sequel and it isn't by a new project established 'name' creator. It's a completely original work by a mostly unknown team. What it has going for it is its unique combat and what appears to a well developed game world.

But mostly it's the combat!

Above is a 12 minute look at progress on the game so far. It's uses an isometric perspective much like Diablo but what make Sui Generis so unique is its sparse, weighty approach to combat. It's a lot like Dark Souls in that regard. Every encounter is meaningful. Every opponent has the potential to kill you.

Plenty of people are getting excited about this game. I can see why.

Experience The Weighty Procedural Combat Of Sui Generis [One Hundred XP]


    The art style looks a little Baldur's Gatish in 3D and that makes ma happi.

    looks bland and unweildy. WIsh people would stop gushing over tech demos

    I loved him pulling the shield from the wall straight onto the character!

    This is EXACTLY the sort of thing I wanted from Diablo 3.

    Interesting, not sure I like the isometric view though.
    Iso is great for tactical gameplay but with complex moment by moment combat like timing directional blocking and stuff it could be really awkward.

    It looks charming as hell! It reminds me of Dark Souls. not because its got simillar combat, but because the world looks weighted. It feels like everything has a real physical feel about it, like you can actually touch it. Granted, the run-cycle was the only thing that put me off, but everything else looks great!

      Yeah, apparently they've hired new animators (because the animations are procedural, its pretty difficult)

        Yeah i was looking at the animation closer, and seeing how he runs over rough terrain, I really can't give them much grief now. Even then, the combat animation was still pretty impressive.

    Looks absolutely fantastic. I missed the initial funding and I might go and be a late backer on their website.

    The battle systems looks like a refined version of Chivalry. Much smoother and much more fluid.

    Looks like Dark Souls crossed with Team America!

    Looks like a fantastic game! Amazing touches like the original movement during combat to the protagonist tripping over the chair. This is my type of game.

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