That Kane & Lynch Movie Is Still Happening? With Vin Diesel And Gerard Butler?

That Kane & Lynch Movie Is Still Happening? With Vin Diesel And Gerard Butler?

When rumours begin swirling about certain video game movies I just roll my eyes. Because some of them will clearly, clearly never get made. Until now I had filed the Kane & Lynch movie under that category, but apparently it’s in the process of happening. What is wrong with this world?

Once upon a time Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx were reported as being attached to the Kane & Lynch project with F. Gary Gray (who directed the mediocre Italian Job remake) attached as the Director. That whole thing sort of just didn’t come to fruition, so most assumed the movie was not going to happen.

But now The Hollywood Reporter is claiming the project is going ahead. F. Gary Gray remains attached as the Director but now Gerald Butler is apparently going to play Kane. The Lynch role is currently uncast but an offer has been sent out to Vin Diesel, who is bald.

I don’t really know what to make of it. Of all the rumoured video game adaptations I always assumed that Kane & Lynch had the least realistic chance of actually making it to cinemas. It’s hardly a game with a massive established fan base, and I can’t see myself (or others) ever getting excited about a Kane & Lynch movie starring Gerard Butler.

Gerard Butler Circling Video Game Adaptation ‘Kane & Lynch’ for Millennium (Exclusive) [THR]


  • Eh. The game has potential to be a better movie than game. The story and characters were interesting enough but the game kind of sucked.

    Also F. Gary Gray did The Negotiator and Law Abiding Citizen which I thoroughly enjoyed so it’s not all bad.

    • Oh God, why would you willingly see a movie with Cage in it? Are you being held prisoner? Are you a spy? A spam-bot who learned how to feel and quit his shilling job, but learned how to feel wrong?

      • I was once like you but then I came to understand him. Believe in him. Worship him.

        You will too. Believe.

  • Kane & Lynch. One of the few games I’ve turned off before finishing. Even achievements couldn’t get me through that one.

  • The game sucked but story can easily be translated to a decent action movie. You need Bryan Cranston to make the movie work but I doubt he will do another bald anti-hero/villain role for a while.

  • This game gets so much hate, I like it lol. I played the first one on 360, aside from that GD truck level I thought it was pretty good.

    2nd one I enjoyed, but the filters made it pretty hard to play sometimes… but I guess you were supposed to be playing through the eyes of a psychotic. MP was fun when there actually people in there lol.

    I can’t wait to see how this movie works out…

    • Yes, I also didn’t mind the game! The AI squad-mates were actually intelligent and capable for once – how often do games fuck that up? And I enjoyed the characters and story.

      Lack of Bruce Willis sucks and makes me sad.

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