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Look I don't mean to brag, but Friday's haiku may have been one of my best ever. The clues are all there, but it seems as though people couldn't crack the code!

That means we have to go get an image of the game for an extra clue, but first — the haiku:

Snakes on 16B Thunderous battles with flair Fight hard and cheat death

And the image...

Okay, good luck everyone!

This is HaiTaku. We write Haikus about old video games and leave it you to guess what game we're talking about. If you want to submit a Haiku feel free. Send it here!


    Golden Axe

      That seems like a fair bet. You've got thunderous battles covered by Gilleas Thunderhead and his Lightning magic, and both the Snake and Death by Death Adder, the final boss.

      What's the 16B business about though. The image also doesn't seem to quite match the art style of any of the bazillion or so different versions of Golden Axe I'm seeing on Google.

    The answer's The Dig.
    Put last line of haiku first
    The rest is filler

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    This is a good one Mark, but tbh, most of yours are guessed within a minute or two :P hehe

    I have no idea what it is though. Kind of looks like chickens in radiation suits

    Those things in the pic look like Starcraft's vespene gas vents.

    EVO: Search for Eden?

      It does look like it, and you did cheat death repeatedly, but not sure where the rest of the clue fits in.

    Hrm....could be Alien VS Predator on SNES or Arcade

    I'm just going to submit this, even though I know it might not be it. but Final Fantasy Tactics?

    if you put 16B as a grid reference it could be an enemy on a tile.

    i really have no idea...

    16b made me think of the TRS-80.... the snake clone on TRS-80 was called "Hyper-Wurm"....

    But that screenshot definitely looks like a 16bit era game [16b?].
    Was thinking maybe Shadow of the Beast or Turrican..... but the second and third lines are very vague [probably not... but currently :p ]

    Then I thought maybe a 16bit era fighting game? Primal Rage?

    Everyone is assuming SNES-era because of the pixellation. Well, you know what?! I say this is Skyrim! Zoomed in on some textures like 1234234x.

    I get them mixed up but it's alien breed or alien storm.

    Yeah I didnt know what the 16B ref was to either, but the graphic was definitely Turtle Village - I played way to much Golden Axe to not know those graphics :)

    If it wasn't already an answer to an earlier Haitaku I would say Battletoads.

    Primarily because in the SNES version level 2 had snakes, but in the NES version level 2 had plants.

    The battles had a bit of flair, and your could 'cheat death' by destroying the space invaders that took your life from the HUD.

    Loose links I know.

      Battletoads was guessed yesterday... so.... most likely it's not....

    That's definitely Golden Axe.

    To add to clue solved above, flair would refer to Tyris Flaire, the warrior chick from the game.

    Just to tidy this one up a bit, the 16B ref is to the arcade hardware it debuted on:

    But what is the snake ref??

      Death Adder!

        As in Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder?

        Man, I spent hours yesterday going in every direction except the right one! haha.... I did enjoy the journey though, so I guess that's what counts! :p

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