The Humble Indie Bundle Now Has A Humble Store

First we had the Humble Bundle, which was — obviously— a rip roaring massive success. Now the folks behind that have set up the Humble Indie store, a permanent space where you can buy games and donate to charity 24/7.

As opposed to packages, the Humble Store will focus on one-off game purchases, reduced massively, with 10% of every purchase going to charity. It launches today with an incredible set of bargains...

Don't Starve is $7.49, you can pick up Gunpoint for $4.99 and Rogue Legacy is $7.49. All of these games and more have been discounted between 50% and 75%. According to the team, there will be new games and new deals appearing daily. These deals, obviously, are timed and not permanent.

Seems like an amazing idea, and a logical step forward for the Humble Bundle as a whole, allowing more flexibility for consumers and more opportunities to support charity through game purchases.

Head here to check out the site.


    Give it a few years and we'll have humble boxes and humble OS sporting the humble dashboard

    Could you guys ask them why they limit the Red Cross part of the charity only to America? I find it annoying that I can't support the Australian Red Cross, which actually has an effect on us.

    They could easily support the International Red Cross, which happens to help everybody (including the crap going down in the Phillipines right now) then just the United States. I don't get it.

    Im sure Valve make their fair share of donations, but it would be cool for Stean to do something similar during the holiday seasons.

      They've done things in the past like relief for Japan after the tsunami.

    With the games in the store being a fixed price, and the division being a fixed amount. You can calculate how much money is going where. At the time of posting (ordered from largest to smallest):

    Devs: $361,282.50
    Humble: $72,256.50
    Charity: $48,171.00

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    Damn, was hoping this would be like a centralised sales point for all the games being sold on indies' site through the Humble Store widget.

    But this is still good though.

      There is for this, but yeah, I wished they made something official.

      At a guess, they're looking to build it up to that, but they didn't want to put everything up at once and overwhelm the first customers (or as they probably more care about, overwhelm the servers with many interested customers, although they have enoguh for the bundles themselves, so it shouldn't be a problem).

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