The PocketStation Returns! For The...Vita.

The PocketStation Returns! For The...Vita.

Come on. When Sony started teasing the return of a quirky PS1 peripheral - the PocketStation - you didn't really think they'd re-release the actual hardware, did you?

No, instead it's returning in the form of a PlayStation Vita application (literally called PocketStation for PlayStation Vita), which is being made available free to PlayStation Plus subscribers in Japan.

[PSVitaに『ポケットステーション for PlayStation Vita』登場!!]


    I just found my own pocketstation the other day. Good times. I hope this makes it's way to the west!

    This makes me happy and I don't know why other than that I suspect I might still be a teenager and just not fully realise it.

    Wow! And it still fits in your pocket for cool playground portability! Albeit, giant cargo pant pockets, and you can't sit down :P

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