While You Were Sleeping

Morning all! Not too much coming in overnight, but let's do this anyway. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping!

This is a phenomenal piece of art. Seriously. It's like a semi realistic drawing of a mega Charizard Y and Calem from Pokemon X & Y. It looks outrageously good and you should totally take a look.

Remember that Star Wars blooper reel that was released recently? The one that was totally gathering dust until a week or so ago? Someon has gone and made a trailer using that footage. It is gold.

So there was this advertisement in Japan. It was animated and it had shirtless boys. That ad was so popular that it ended up getting its own bloody TV show. Yep, Japan.

What else? Well that singing a capella guy who does all the game soundtracks has now done Streets of Rage, and science is turning disabled kids into awesome cyborgs. About time.

In Short Mega Charizard Y And Calem From Pokemon X & Y Get Realistic If You Like Shirtless Anime Boys Watch Free Star Wars Bloopers Turned Into Hilarious Star Wars Trailer Science Is Turning Disabled Kids Into Awesome Cyborgs Streets Of Rage?


    What about the steam machines? Word is the lucky 300 have started receiving their prototypes.

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