While You Were Sleeping

So we're pretty close to the launch of the PS4 here in Australia, but not that close! We're in the dead zone. What are we talking about today? Well it's a bit of a broad smorgasbord to be honest...

It's a mix of the new, the retro and the weird.

The Vita represents the new. It's getting a slick new JRPG today. I'm not really big on JRPGs but, if you are, you should TOTALLY click here.

As for the retro? Take a gander at this: this is how you dress your brand new Xbox One and PS4 consoles like respectable old consoles. Oh man, I think I really need to do this. It's vintage!

The video game lean. I remember this was a thing back when I was a teenager: a completely useless, extraneous control feature that I almost never used. NOW IT'S BACK! HURRAY!

Also: I am interested in Studio Ghibli's newest movie, which is apparently a beautiful, heart-wrenching film. The last heart-wrenching beautiful film I watched from Studio Ghibli was Grave of the Fireflies. I don't think I can take another movie like that. But I will watch anyway. #YOLO.

Finally, this is the internet's best video game cartoons: 2013 edition.

In Short The Vita Gets A Slick New JRPG Today The Internets Best Video Game Cartoons: The 2013 Edition Studio Ghibli's Newest Is A Beautiful Heart Wrenching Film The Video Game Lean Continues Its Console Invasion Dress Your Xbox One And PS4 Up Like Respectable Game Consoles


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