Aussie-Made Particulars Full Steam Ahead

Aussie-Made Particulars Full Steam Ahead

Australian-made game Particulars has appeared on Early Access, having met the requirements of the Steam Greenlight process of climbing over a scrabbling horde of indie developers to the top of a hill, and hoisting their flag skyward.

You could take that metaphorically, of course. Or not. Sometimes it’s fun to imagine.

At first glance, Particulars is a game about physics – specifically, that brand of really teenie tiny physics. It’s about atoms, and particles, and quarks, and the relationship between all those seemingly inconsequential midget molecules.

But before you go thinking it’s exclusively for nose-wiping, pocket-protecting nerds, this thing is just as heavy on the “fi” as the “sci”. It actually won the Freeplay award for writing, and our own David Ferris was mighty pleased with what he played while roaming PAX Aus.

You can staple this one to your Steam account, or head to See Through Studios’ website if you don’t like paying middle-man money.


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