​I Don't Care What This Video Says, There's Nothing Wrong With Die Hard

Look, I like Cinema Sins. I enjoy their brand of jovial pedantry, how they pick holes in the movies that we love. But nope. While I appreciate the effort, there is nothing wrong with Die Hard.


    Somethings just not right about poking fun of such an awesome movie even if its all tongue in cheek. Be my guest and take the piss out of number 5 but the rest are off limits.

    Every year i watch Die Hard on Christmas.

    Don't $&@# with my Christmas.

    I love these "everything wrong with such and such movie in this much time" videos. The funniest ones in my opinion are almost always the ones about movies I love, Die Hard being a great example. The dude that does them cracks me up.

    12 Monkeys is better ;)

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