Kia Koup Kustoms Competition: Kotaku Week! Win An Xbox One + Daily Prizes!

The new sporty two-door Kia Koup Turbo is launching in Australia, complete with forced-induction engine.

To celebrate, Kotaku has teamed up with Kia to give away some great prizes. Here’s how you can win!

So Who Won The Xbox One?

A huge congrats to our overall weekly winner: Conrad Terpens. His awesome entry (right) scores him a shiny new Xbox One! Thanks everyone and congrats to everyone who won.

How To Enter

1. Head on over to the Koup Kustoms app on Facebook and have some fun easily tweaking the 3D model Kia Koup Turbo to look even sweeter. Similar to your favourite racing game — you can mod your ride's colour or bolt on front wings, bumpers, rear spoilers, slick rims and more.

2. Once you’ve done your pimping, you’ll be able to take a shot of your design from a variety of camera angles and place your image on a selection of Koup Kustoms-inspired magazine-style covers.

3. Here's the important part! Make sure you select the "SHINING ARMOUR" magazine cover theme this week to be eligible for the prizes below. Once you’ve got your cover sorted, press the yellow “Submit To Challenge” button.

What This Week's "Shining Armour" Theme Means...

Your challenge: recreate and submit a design that looks glossy and metallic — reminiscent of the Shining Armour from great games like Skyrim. Think chrome trimmings and chainmaille grills. Be creative, tap into your game knowledge. Good luck guys! ENTER HERE.


Weekly Prize: 1x Xbox One (valued at $599).

You have until 11:59pm AEST (just before midnight) next Wednesday December 18 to get your last “Shining Armour” Kia Koup Turbo magazine cover submitted. Note: we can’t promise the winner delivery before Christmas, but the Xbox One prize will be sent asap.

Daily Prizes! We’ll also be giving away 1x Xbox One game for seven days (valued at $99 each). Games like Forza Motorsport, FIFA and more.

Daily “Shining Armour” magazine cover Koup shots must be submitted by 11:59am AEDT (just before midday) each day from Friday December 13 through to Wednesday December 18. All winners will be announced here on Kotaku.

Full terms and conditions.

• Separate to the above prizes, you’ll also be able to keep playing for your chance to win an actual brand new Kia Koup Turbo. Within the game environment you can earn ‘Experience Points’ by completing goals and challenges. Visit for more details.


    Eh... the body says XBONE but the ads plastered ALL OVER the website and indeed, this very story, all say PS4?!?

      I can confirm it's the XBONE; ads are being updated. Apologies for the confusion. Looking forward to yer entry!

    Hmm, is kotaku still having problems or was my comment here deleted? I was only griping about facebook integration so it's hardly a loss but even so...

    I'M SO GONNA WI...oh.

      And if this is your first night, you have to join our Facebook group ...oh.

    I wish they'd do games of chance now and then as opposed to skill. Then at least I'd fell like I had a chance.

      I don't think they're allowed to. You need to have a gambling license to run games of chance, but not if you run competitions judged on skill.

    what a shocking, awful, PoS application, spamming my Facebook with crap because it cant save any info

    "Shining armour from great games like Skyrim."
    Seems a bit like a shoehorn there, not much armour in Skyrim is shiny.

    Winning things is nice, but ultimately I think actually heading into a store and buying an XBO seems like a better and more efficient use of time in this case.

    What about us non facebook users? ? :(

    Last edited 18/12/13 5:35 pm

    I don't use a desktop couldn't enter

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