Kotaku Awards 2013: Vote For Your Favourite Handheld Game Of The Year

Last week we took nominations, now it's time to vote. First up — Handheld game of the year!

I don't want to say too much or spoil the vote, but handheld games have been so strong this year there's a possibility that one might take out the final, uber game of the year.

Anyway, get to voting. Make it count people!


    I can't choose!! /o\
    I think I'll have to go with Purseowner.

      At least there's a few sane people around here.

      WAIT!........Sane is majority rules, IM CARAZY? ARRRRRGGH!!!

    Don't you normally hide the results, so you have have a followup article with the surprise announcement?

    So sad that I know some those games won't get a vote, but at the very least provide some visibility for others to get around to try them out.

    Admittedly haven't played Zelda or Pokemon, but so glad P4G is winning hands down for the Vita!

      I played em all, P4G is better. Zelda was amazing and pokemon Black and/or White 2 is better than X or Y. Still good games, but winning? Noooooo

    unlike what i expect the console list to look like. i actually own the vast majority of games on this list.
    it has been a fantastic year for portables.

    if only i could vote for a top 5

    I cant BELIEVE Bravely Default demo isnt on this list!
    *storms out*

    I feel like we should split Pokemon X/Y into two games to give everything else a chance :p

      Then person would be coming 4th!
      I just couldn't handle that!

    Despite spending plenty of time playing 3DS this year, the new generation consoles have meant that I haven’t spent any money on new release games in the past few months.

    As such I feel unqualified to vote! I think Fire Emblem is the best portable game I’ve played, but I’m yet to try Luigi’s Mansion, Zelda or Pheonix Wright. I’m sure those games (particularly Zelda) are all awesome and may well be better than the brilliant Fire Emblem. I don’t know what to do!

    Can't vote. Haven't played one game on that list.

    Would love to say A Link Between Worlds or Luigi's Mansion 2 but in the end I went with the one that I have spent the most time playing (and enjoying) - Pokemon Y.

    Handhelds have just had an awesome year. Love it. That said, Pokemon Y.

    Last edited 02/12/13 4:16 pm

    Pokemon, really?

    I mean, I love it! But come ooooooon!
    Both Zelda and P4G are the better games here! P4G being the best on that list, hell, Guacamelee is better than Pokemon!

    Urgh stop voting for pokemon! X and Y was the blandest re-hash ever, with terrible controls and lame gimmicks. gross gross gross.

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