Nintendo Announces... Dr. Luigi

The year of Luigi NEVER ENDS. Now Mario's lanky brother has a PHD and will be popping pills on the Wii U soon in the game that we've all been waiting for: Dr. Luigi. It's out on December 31 for $US15.


    Haha, I can't stop laughing at Luigi in the top right. I would make a meme of that, but apparently it's illegal in Australia!

    Banned in Australia for use of pharmaceutical drugs resulting in a reward!

      That's assuming he's a real doctor, he may be a homoepath & therefore there's no actual drugs involved.

      The drug use is just so unashamedly blatant….they don't even try to hide it…

      Last edited 19/12/13 2:35 am

      Since they pills go into a bottle not a person it's probably fine. I still wouldn't be surprised if the ACA or TT ran a Nintendo pushes drugs story when they can't think of anything else.

        But it has drugs in the game. That's more than enough for the ACB to ban it…

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