Nothing Makes Me Happier Than An Atelier Opening Movie

Even when the music is melancholy and the game’s name is as silly as Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky, there’s just something about the opening cinematics for new games in Gust’s alchemy-based role-playing game series that makes my dimples pop.

Even though I’ve not enjoyed any Atelier game since quite as much as Atelier Iris on the PlayStation 2, I still look forward to each new entry with giddy anticipation. I will collect water and wood and various bits of grass and use it to make armour and food and medicine — that’s what the series is all about. That, and stunning opening movies.

Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky is coming to the PlayStation 3 on March 11.


  • I liked Iris 2 the best of the series, not really into the while deadline thing that has crept into the games since Iris 3, but I buy them all anyway :), anything to keep the jrpg goodness coming

  • I loved Atelier Iris 2 on PS2, but the Arland trilogy was what made me love the Atelier series. I didn’t really enjoy the first of the Dusk series though (Atelier Ayesha) as I felt the alchemy was too simplified and didn’t offer as much customisation. I’ll probably get this one though to see if they’ve made it better. They’re also bringing dual audio back! It’s a shame they’ve lost the joke in the title, it was quite clever. (In Japanese, the word for “and” is “to”, meaning the title would read “Escha to Logy” which is an English word.)

    • Exactly; eschatology is the study of ‘end-times’ beliefs in theology – I always thought the title of the game was pretty clever, especially considering how obscure the word is.

      And this looks wonderful…one more reason why I’ll be dead broke by the end of March. 🙂

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