Peggle 2 Marriage Proposal Level Had ‘Nope,’ Just In Case

Rob and Shireen are bigtime Peggle fans. Big enough that Rob went to PopCap and asked if they’d help him pop the question. Hell yes they would! Game studios love this kind of thing. But just in case Rob and Shireen weren’t like, an actual thing, Peggle 2 made sure to leave a way out. A hella awkward way out.

Rob’s ruse was to tell Shireen PopCap had chosen them to “play-test” Peggle 2, during which he’d pop the question. PopCap went for it and set everything else up. Hell, if that’s all it takes to get brought in to see a game before release, fine, OK, Fahey and I are crazy in love and I’d like to propose to him in The Last Guardian. How about it, Sony?

Anyway, go to 2:12 of this video. I am dying to know what would happen if Shireen had shot the ball at the blue “nope” peg. Instead of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy would it have played Beethoven’s Fifth? Holy God, she had all 10 balls for this level, too! WHAT IF SHE SHOT ALL 10 BALLS AT ‘NOPE’? How much rejection were these sadists willing to put poor Rob through? What if instinct took over and Shireen — diehard Peggle fan after all tried to clear off all the blue pegs before hitting the orange Yes? “Honey! I love you, I’m just trying to bank shot off the ‘Nope’ into the free ball catcher!”


  • When I proposed it was more like “Hey, do you wanna get married?”
    She said “Yeah” like it wasn’t a huge deal. I think we both already assumed we were going to do it eventually. I didn’t even have a ring or anything.
    I went out and got one and like a week later I asked again, properly and a little bit more romantically. Guys like this just make me look bad.

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