Now This Is How You Announce A Peggle Sequel

PopCap co-founder John Vechey took the stage to announce Plants Vs. Zombies 2: Garden Warfare today. But not before announcing a sequel to Peggle and doing an uppercut.

I really wish more games were announced like this.


    He makes a better Pokemon trainer -

    You don't actually know what an uppercut is then?

    My mum will be happy, she's nearly clocked 200 hours combined from Peggle and Peggle Nights.

    So mobile...what sorcery is this...I thought we all had back pain and stiff joints...I would've done my back and my knees with that type of movement.

    This is so random and awkward that it's amazingly awesome.

    I love Peggle. I don't know my exact stats but I had over 150, 000 balls shot.
    My save file mysteriously disappeared last week so this announcement makes me giddy with anticipation.
    Peggle, in my opinion, solves everything.

    PEGGLE yeah. My ultimate mobile phone game
    Looking forward to getting sucked in again. Now I just need peggle quest

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