Read Only Memories Now On Kickstarter

Read Only Memories is a cyberpunk adventure game that takes place in a futuristic San Francisco. Players can expect solve juicy mysteries and a variety of puzzles in a game influenced by classics like Snatcher. The game hopes to raise $US62,064 on Kickstarter.


    I thought I read ages ago that kotaku wasn't going to pimp kickstarter games since there are so many? I mean, I won't complain, but...

    Edit: looking at the kickstarter page I see that it hasn't hit its target yet with a week left and it deals with gender issues (which Patricia always writes about) so I guess that explains that then. (Again, not criticizing the game or anything. Just wondering out loud)

    Last edited 06/12/13 2:05 am

    in which some random dude complains about gender issues

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